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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why a monstera plant might start to turn black on the stem. This is a very serious issue as the plant is not feeling very good. The roots of the plant are probably starting to rot and that will show above the soil in the shape of the stem turning black.

Because of this, we need to act quickly to hopefully save the plant. The soil should never be overwatered because that is what’s causing the root system to rot as not enough oxygen can get into the soil. The issue is that the problem will often not be visible until it’s too late.

Follow along in this article and we will learn even more about the wonderful plant that is the monstera. We find that this is one of the best for beginners to get used to because of the low maintenance and the lovely decorative ability it has.

Monstera Plants Growing In A Pot

Monstera Black Stem

Just like we were talking about at the beginning of the article here, the roots of the plant will start to rot when there is too much water in the soil. When you overwater the soil there is not nearly enough oxygen coming into the soil.

That is a necessary part of making the root system stay healthy. They will start to drown as there is too much water. Within a short amount of time that will cause the roots to start and rot. 

When the roots are rotting that damages the entire plant as the root system is basically the backbone of it. This will later be visible as the stem of the plant starts to turn black in color. 

The black color is more or less the plant rotting above the soil. That is something irreversible. But there is a chance the plant will still survive if you place it in a very sunny spot. This will hopefully be enough to dry out the very overwatered soil.

With some luck, the roots might survive and can then mend the stem that is starting to turn black. Being able to spot this on a monstera plant is very important as the exact same thing can start to happen on other plants when they are being overwatered.

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Monstera Plant Growing In A Pot

Brown Leaves Monstera

We haven’t talked about what is happening when the leaves are turning brown on a monstera plant. It is not as serious as the stem turning black as we touched on above here. 

But when the leaves are turning brown it can be because the plant is not getting enough nutrients and is starting to wilt instead. But it can also be because of too much sunlight. When there is too much light on the plant it will be sunburnt which is a real issue.

A sunburnt plant is basically not able to generate any energy. The vital process of photosynthesis is no longer available and causing this lack of energy supply.

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Larger Monstera Plants Inside

Brown Stem Monstera

When the stem of a monstera plant is starting to turn brown then it will often be because of some attack by insects. As they are starting to eat away at the plant these exposed areas will turn brown as the monstera is trying to survive.

Noticing these things are very important as it will help you identify the issue and what you can do about it. 

Small Monstera Plant Growing Inside