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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why misting a monstera might be a great thing to do as it will greatly help the health of your plant. But overdoing it can have a very bad effect on the plant as the leaves are very susceptible to too much water.

We often recommend with houseplants that misting them about once a week will be enough. Any more and too much water will be on the leaves and it will create a humid environment where mold can start growing easily. It’s a great option if you want to freshen up your plant a little bit.

Follow along in this article right here and we will be going more in-depth about the topic of meeting monstera plants and some of the general care that is needed for it. For us, this is a very low-maintenance house plant, and misting it is not something that’s really necessary for growth.

Monstera Plants Growing In The Shade

Should I Mist My Monstera

Misting a monstera plant is a great option that will help freshen up the look and feel of the plant. But it will also be a great way to provide water to the leaves if they for any reason might be lacking some.

But you will need to be careful as the plant will not be able to take too much sitting. As there is normally not any water coming in the leaves if the plant is indoors, that will create a very humid environment

In this humid environment is where mold grows very well, especially when there is a very warm temperature during the summer for example. Because of these things, it will definitely be enough to just mist the plant about once a week. Any more and these issues might start appearing.

Other than biting, knowing how to properly water the plant is also very important. The soil should never be too dried up as that will cause a lot of unnecessary stress on the root system of the plant. These are things that will greatly affect the growth of the plant as it slows down. Instead, you should try and aim for the soil to be slightly damp in texture. Recommend having a habit to look at and feel the soil before adding any water.

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Monstera Plant Growing In A Pot

Do Monstera Like To Be Misted

The monstera plant definitely likes to mist. It is a great way to help the leaves a little bit if the temperatures have been very high latency and they are starting to dry up. But there is a great risk with misting, at least if you do it a lot more than once a week. 

It will start to create spots on the leaves where mold will have a good chance of starting to grow. These bacterias are always in the air and here it’s very important not to create an environment where they can grow without issue.

We feel like it’s important to say as well that it’s usually never required to be misting your monstera plants. Watering the soil every now and again will be enough to keep the plant happy.

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Monstera Plant Growing In A Pot

Can I Spray Water On Monstera Leaves

You can definitely spray water on your monster leaves and it’s called misting. It’s a process where we try to refresh the look and feel of the leaves a little bit. They will greatly appreciate this as normally all the water ends up in the soil for the roots.

The color might actually get deeper and more pronounced if you start to mist the plant. But try and limit doing this to just about every week or so.

Monstera Plant Growing In A Pot