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Welcome to this article that will be talking about some of the steps that you can take to make your monstera leaves unfurl. It’s rather simple actually, they need higher humidity. When the humidity gets low enough it won’t be helping the plant as this is not its most natural growing habitat.

Instead, we need to adapt in order to have the plant growing the way it should. So making sure the humidity gets higher is the secret step to having the leaves of a monstera plant start to unfurl and become beautiful.

Follow along in this article here and we will dive even deeper into this topic and learn what it really is like to grow and care for a monstera plant. It is in our honest opinion one of the better plants to grow at home if you are a beginner in the world of gardening.

Monstera Plant Leaves Indoors

Monstera Leaf Not Unfurling

Just like we already revealed at the top of this post, the monstera leaves will start to unfurl when the right conditions are met. By that, we mean the plant is comfortable enough in its environment to start growing the way it would normally do if it was in the wild for example.

So here we basically just need to make the humidity level around the plant higher. This will help it a lot in starting to unfurl and show its true form. You might ask what the best practices are to make sure this monstera plant starts to unfurl.

Using a simple humidifier is normally the safest bet. This is something that is widely available in most stores. They aren’t very expensive and will provide a healthier environment for your monstera to grow in.

But note that sometimes the leaves might also start to fuel up when other aspects are affecting the plant. These things could be that the temperature is too high and more than enough sun is getting on the leaves. These are also things that could trigger the leaves to curl as they protect themselves.

That we need to analyze the environment that the plant is growing in so we can decide what the best remedy for it will be. In a very dry climate, the plant’s leaves will fuel up and the same will happen during the summer when there are high temperatures and the sun is out for longer.

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Monstera Plant Growing In A Pot

How Long Does It Take For Monstera Leaf To Unfurl

The new leaf on a monstera plant will normally be unfurling within 1 or 7 weeks. That might sound like a very wide open window for it to happen, but it will all really depend on the type of environment that the plant is growing in.

If the temperature is very hot and there is plenty of sun on the plant, that might be stressing it a bit and won’t encourage the leaves to unfurl. The plant will basically prioritize other things instead.

Another factor could be that the humidity in the air is very low. This is something the plant does not like as the soil also then dries up quicker, making for a worse place for the root system.

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Monstera Plant Growing Inside

How Do You Encourage Leaves To Unfurl

The best way that we have found that really helps the leaves of a plant to unfurl is by making sure the correct environment is there. If the plant enjoys a warmer and drier climate then we will have to make sure it has that.

If it instead wants a very humid and warm climate then that might also be something that will encourage the plant to start unfurling its leaves and grow into a beautiful plant.

Monstera Plant Growing Inside