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Welcome to this article that will be discussing why a new monstera leaf might start to look floppy. The most common reason for this is actually that the plant does not have enough water. As you might be aware, the monstera plant enjoys rather damp soil with a high humidity level in the air.

Making sure the plant has these things will become very important in order for us to make sure it can grow the way it normally does and the leaves will look less floppy. But before you water the soil you need to check the texture to help you adjust how much water the plant will actually need.

Follow along in this article and we will learn even more about the wonderful houseplant that is the monstera. One of the best for beginners as the maintenance of the plant is so low.

Monstera Plant Growing Inside

New Monstera Leaf Floppy

Just like mentioned in the first segment of the article here, the monstera plant will have its new leaves look sloppy because of the water content in the ground not being high enough. The entire plant is basically under-watered and probably stressed.

Because of that, we need to help it and make sure the soil stays somewhat damp all the time. This will greatly help it in order to continue to grow and flourish into what the monstera plant looked like in the picture of the seed package.

Most house plants will enjoy a slightly higher temperature and soil that is rather damp. This is the type of environment that really helps encourage the root system to start growing faster and faster. Building up the backbone of the plant basically.

When you first start seeing new growth on your monstera plant it can be a really good idea to try and assess the health of that growth. That will in turn help you estimate how the plant is feeling.

Floppy leaves will indicate that the plant will most likely be in need of some more water. We don’t want to finish this part without mentioning that the new leaves might just look floppy because the plant has had way too much sun on it during the day.

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Monstera Plant Growing In A Pot

Why Are My New Monstera Leaves Floppy

Like we already laid out in the segment above here, the monstera plant will have its new leaves starting to look very floppy if the conditions aren’t really right for the plant. 

The humidity in the air might be too low, making the soil dry up quicker which then makes it harder for the root system to really flourish and be stable support. But there might also just be too much sun getting on the plant during the day.

The monstera enjoys a good 6 – 8 hours of sunlight each day and any more than that will start to have a negative effect on the healthy of the plant. It causes unnecessary stress to the plant.

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Monstera Plant Growing Indoors

How Long Does It Take For A New Monstera Leaf To Harden

Usually, we say that anywhere between 1 to 7 weeks is the timeline that you will have to expect for a monstera leaf to fully harden. This time will really depend a lot on the environment that the plant is growing in.

If there is too much sun, then it will cause plenty of stress which makes the leaves less of a priority for the plant. But the humidity in the air might also just be too low for it.

Monstera Plant Leaves In The Sun