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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why a monstera plant might start to fall over. Whenever you see a monstera plant falling over then the cause will often be because of there being too little light and the plant is desperately trying to reach whatever it can get.

This is something that will happen with a lot of different plants. As they get less and less light they will begin to grow very leggy. This then causes issues as they can no longer support themselves under their own weight.

Follow along in this article here and we will together learn even more about what the ideal climate and environment are for a monstera plant to grow in. Often one of the more popular beginner houseplants, and for good reason as well, the maintenance level is normally very low.

Monstera Plant Growing In The Sun

Monstera Falling Over

If you read the first segment in the article you have gotten why a monstera plant might start to fall over. It is simply because the plant can really support itself from all the weight it is under as the plant is searching for a light source.

Whenever a plant that normally gets a good amount of sun is getting it less and less, the plant will begin to grow taller and lean against that source of light. This then causes the entire plant to have less self-support and eventually causes the plant to start falling over.

This can become a serious issue as it’s falling over more and more, and the risk of it snapping is increasingly becoming a lot higher than normal. We therefore quickly need to move the plant to a place where it can get enough sunlight.

You might now ask yourself what the correct amount of sunlight is during the day. Well in the case of the monstera plant that will be somewhere around 6 – 8 hours of sun each day. Depending on where you live, when winter comes around that amount might be hard to get. Using an artificial growing light can therefore be a great option as it will focus the plant on one light source.

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Large Monstera Leaves In The Sun

How To Make Monstera Bushier

Making a monstera plant have a bushier appearance can be rather tricky. The plant doesn’t really normally grow in such a way. instead, we will instead just let it naturally expand and grow new shoots.

In most other plants you can cut off some parts of the plant to make room for new growths. But since the monstera plant doesn’t really have a lot of leaves on it when it’s fully grown, then risking cutting some off for more is not worth it.

It will just cause stress to the plant and you might even just lose all the leaves on it. But the secret trick we have found to make monstera bushier is to ensure the environment it’s growing in is very good. That means a warm temperature with high humidity in the air and soil that is never left to dry out.

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Monstera Plant Leaves In The Sun

How To Trim A Monstera

Trimming a monstera plant is really not something you will need to do very often. The plant will grow just fine without trimming it or taking away any leaves. Since the plant normally doesn’t grow in the same bushy manner as a lot of other plants, trimming the monster might do more harm than good unfortunately.

So just letting the monstera plant be as it is will be the best option to take. But trimming it for cuttings is fine. Then you will just need to make sure there is a node attached to the cutting as it otherwise won’t be growing.

Monstera Plant Growing Inside