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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why a monstera plant might be having new leaves that are black in color. The monstera plant can be very susceptible to certain environments and will react in a negative way if something is off balance.

In the case of new leaves turning black the moisture content in the soil has probably been very up and down in recent times. That will cause a great imbalance that makes the plant very stressed and any new leaves coming out won’t grow as they should.

Follow along in this article here and we will learn even more about how you could be growing the monstera plant at home and avoid having new leaves turning black. Even though these issues might occur, the plant is still one of the better ones for beginners because of the low maintenance.

Monstera Plant Leaves Turning Black

Monstera New Leaf Black

In the first part of the article here, we said what the most likely cause might be for a monstera plant looking the way it is with black leaves. There is an imbalance in the soil which is causing it to grow like this.

When the plant is starting to have new growths appear then it really needs to be in its best spot. That means the soil and the environment needs to be sufficient. In the case of a monstera leaf turning black that is caused by there being too much and too little water in the soil.

The plant will start to stress a lot because of this and with time, the leaves will turn black and the root system will start to disintegrate. You might ask then what the best soil type might be. 

We will always say that the best type is one that keeps very damp all the time. That will create the perfect place for the root system to continuously drain nutrients from the soil and pass it on to the part above the soil.

Watering the plant every day might be an option, but checking the soil before watering is a must. If the soil is already very damp then it won’t need more water. What will happen then is that the roots will start to rot which causes the entire plant to die, and not just make the leaves turn black.

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Monstera Leaves Growing In The Sun

How Do You Fix Black Monstera Leaves

When the leaves on a monster plant are starting to turn black then there really isn’t a whole lot we can do, unfortunately. The plant is already under a lot of pressure as the leaves are starting to die off.

The best option might just be to remove the leaves and try and minimize the harm that’s done. The things you do after this might just be the most important. The plant is under a lot of stress like we said and it will because of that need a very healthy environment to grow in.

Making sure the soil is kept rather damp and the temperature is not too high for the plant are some of the things that will be on the priority list for us. They are relatively simple to get right, but it’s how right we get them that will decide whether the monstera plant will survive.

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Monstera Plant Growing Indoors

Why Does My New Monstera Leaf Look Burnt

The leaves of a monstera plant will begin to look very burnt when the plant is getting too much sunlight during the day. It will cause the leaves to start drying out as they are trying to cope with the high temperatures. That in turn makes them look rather burnt.

Removing these leaves is normally the best thing you could be doing to help the plant focus on the parts that it has still intact.

Monstera Plant Growing Inside