Is It Easy To Grow Mint From Seed

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Is It Easy To Grow Mint From Seed

Welcome to this post about if it is easy to grow mint from seed. We can reveal the answer straight away, it is very easy. Mint is one of the quickest growing culinary herbs you can have at home. It can provide plenty of harvest after just 90 days after being sown from seed. But it is important to know about what environment and climate that mint likes so that you can maximize its potential.

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Is It Easy To Grow Mint From Seed

Like we revealed in the beginning of this article, it is very easy to grow mint at home. Especially from seed as well. But there are of course a few important guidelines that you need to follow to make sure that your mint keeps on track with growth. But first we can go over some of the times that can be fun to keep an eye on. The first is that after just 2 weeks you will see the first signs of life above the soil. The first part when any seed is sown is called the germination part. This is when the soil starts taking in nutrients from the soil and will begin developing and evolving.

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After you have seen the first signs of it growing you need to make sure that it gets adequate amounts of sunshine. Growing indoors, this includes making sure it gets at least 10 hours of light. If you are growing outdoors however, it should be fine with only 6 – 8 hours. This is because of the concentration that the light will give off if you are outside. There is no window in the way, hindering the lights from penetrating.

Having this step covered is vital as it will otherwise produce very leggy mint plants. The most fun part about growing mint at home is the sheer speed that it’s growing at. After just 90 days you will have a plant that stands at 1 – 2 feet tall. Once this is reached, you can absolutely make some meaningful first harvests. Note that we say first, as doing anything before might slow down the rapid growth of the plant.

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Which Mint Is Easiest To Grow?

The easiest mint variety to grow is probably the most common one too. The peppermint is one that we plant each year and it also happens to be the easiest mint to grow out of all of them. Now, most varieties are very easy to grow but this one will germinate the fastest and reach harvest ready a lot faster.

On top of making sure that the mint gets a lot of sunshine during the day, it also needs water. It’s a herb that does not like when the soil dries out. So you should never let this happen. It can go very quick otherwise having it die off. But it should not be too much water as well. To know what is enough you need to feel the soil. If it is damp or wet then you most likely don’t need to water any. To further better the environment it’s growing in you need to make sure the excess water gets drained out. To do this you can look so there are holes in the bottom if you are growing in a pot. On freeland however you can look so it doesn’t pool at the surface when you have watered.

So to reiterate again on whether mint is easy to grow from seed, it really is. The guidelines we mentioned are pretty standard across the board when gardening. For the first 90 days it really only needs to be watered. We haven’t mentioned anything about nutrition yet. But for that you will want to make sure you fertilize the soil about 4 times a year. We here on GardensOfMine like to use an organic fertilizer for that purpose. But when we are growing anything outdoors, we like to use manure instead. You will require less and the benefits are the same, if not even more. Just note that it will smell a fair bit.

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