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Welcome to this article that will be talking about the flavor you will experience if you are eating black or purple strawberries. Black strawberries aren’t really a thing, instead, the color resembles purple a lot more.

It’s a different variety of strawberries that can be grown just the same way as the regular ones. But the difference is both in the appearance as well as the flavor of the berry. The purple one will actually have a more vibrant sweet flavor to it that a lot of people might appreciate.

Follow along in this article to learn even more about this amazing berry and the many ways there are to grow this fantastic plant. We find it to be one of the best and most rewarding berries to start planning at home. Great for beginners as well.

Strawberries Harvested Outdoors

Black Strawberry Taste

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article here, the black strawberry is not really a thing. Instead, it’s more of a purple color that comes from the difference in variety to it. The way they both grow is pretty similar actually.

The reason you clicked on this article is probably to just get an answer to the flavor profile of the purple strawberry. So to keep it short, the flavor is sweeter than the normal red ones. 

There are a lot of different strawberry varieties out there. They all look a little bit different from each other. Some grow smaller berries while others have larger ones. Some are pale red while others are really deep red. The same differences can be found in their flavor of them.

To get the best purple-tasting strawberries we recommend growing them outdoors in a place where they will have a lot of access to sunlight during the day. This will increase the amount of photosynthesis the plant is able to perform. In turn, making the plant able to have a sweeter and more enjoyable flavor to it. 

Make sure the soil also is never left to dry out. This just stresses the plant a lot and makes it grow poorly. Instead keep the soil slightly damp in order to have a happy growing bush

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Fresh Strawberries In The Sun

What Do Purple Strawberries Taste Like

If you read the segment above here we actually revealed the flavor of the strawberries that are purple. They have a sweeter note to them compared to red strawberries.

As we mentioned, there are many varieties of these berries and all of them have slightly different qualities. This makes it possible to have your favorite variety with the flavors that you enjoy. Some are sweeter and some are more acidic.

The thing all of them have in common is that they want a lot of sunlight each day to produce plenty of photosynthesis which turns into energy for the berries. That’s the secret to tasty berries and plenty of harvests.

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Strawberries Growing Outside

Are Purple Strawberries Real

Purple strawberries are very much real. It’s simply a different variety of strawberries. Just like there are many different kinds of apples or pears, the same goes for strawberries.

You might wonder what they taste like then. Well, the purple strawberries are actually even sweeter than the red ones. But being able to find purple strawberries is probably pretty difficult as they are not yet very widely grown. 

Strawberry Plant In A Garden