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Strawberries are not actually citrus fruit. Instead, they are berries. In order to be labeled a citrus fruit you actually need to have the name citrus in it. Which the strawberry plant of course doesn’t have then.

But there are some similarities between citrus fruits and strawberries. Perhaps not in the look of them. But instead in the content, they have. Most citrus fruits actually have more sugar in them than a strawberry. But they also have a lot more citric acid to them which causes a pretty different flavor.

Follow along in this article and we will learn even more about this amazing berry and what the flavor profile is. We find that the strawberry bush is a great option for those that are looking to get into gardening and want something really rewarding and easy to grow.

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Is Strawberry A Citrus Fruit

As we already mentioned in the first part here, the strawberry plant is not a citrus fruit. Instead, it’s a berry that is in the same family as raspberries and blackberries for example. Also called stone fruits. 

The citrus fruits are in their own family. There is a pretty clear difference in flavor between the groups. Citrus fruits tend to have a lot more citric acid in them which is what causes them to have a unique flavor that really isn’t found in berries such as strawberries or cherries.

The way they grow is also pretty different. Citrus fruits are often grown on trees or large bushes. While berries tend to be smaller and have different needs. Both of the groups however are dominated by perennial plants.

But it’s possible to have a strawberry taste slightly similar to citrus fruit. If you pick it very early then it will have a lower level of sugar which then causes the citric acid to be more noticeable. Making it taste sort of like a lemon but with a slight sweetness to it.

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Red Strawberries In The Sun

Are Strawberries Acidic Fruit

Strawberries are not really an acidic fruit since when they are fully ripe the sweetness will dominate. But you can definitely have strawberries that are much more acidic. It all really depends on either the variety of berries you have or when you decide to harvest them. The earlier you do it the fewer sugars will have been developed. But if you wait more fruit sugars will be there to shift the flavor. 

The sweetness will also be higher if you harvest on a day when the sun is shining and it’s warm. On a cloudy and slightly rainy day then the flavors will be dulled and not as good as they perhaps could have been.

But note that before you decide on what type of strawberry plant you want you can for the most part read a description of the flavor on the package. This will give you a good idea of what to expect.

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What Fruit Category Is A Strawberry

The strawberry is not necessarily a true berry. Instead, it’s referred to as an accessory fruit. The difference between a strawberry and a raspberry really only comes in the way they grow the berries. 

The strawberry being that it enlarges itself in a different way as opposed to the raspberry growing large seeds and the flesh growing around it instead.

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