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Welcome to this article that will be talking about the smell of a strawberry. The smell is pretty sweet but the good part is the aroma. It has that very unique ripe sweet berry note to it. To get the best possible aroma from the berries you need to smell them on a day when they are warm from the sun and still in the bush.

The aroma is a lot more powerful than raspberry for example. Raspberries have a sweeter flavor to them compared to strawberries. Strawberries have that almost green note as well on the aroma.

Follow along in this article and we will dive deeper into the aroma and smell of strawberries and also the best practices to do in order to have a healthy strawberry plant growing at home.

Strawberries Growing Outside

How Does Strawberry Smell

As we already mentioned at the beginning of the article the strawberries have a slightly aromatic and green note to them. Almost almond-like even. But the best part is the sweetness you can almost smell from a super ripe strawberry.

The best ones are those that are picked on a very sunny day when the berries are really deep red and perfectly ripened. The sweetness in the aroma is not as high as for raspberries for example. 

Raspberries are a lot sweeter as they don’t contain as much citric acid, which then gets shown in the aroma of the berry. A good rule is that the flavor of the berry can almost be recognized in the aroma. A sweet berry will have a sweet flavor.

To have the tastiest strawberries and aromatic ones, we need to set them up in the best possible way. The soil should never really be left to dry out too much. That just causes a lot of stress and harm to the plant which is unnecessary. 

Instead, try to keep the soil sort of damp and wet. That will ensure the flavor of the berries are great and not watery or too acidic from being overwatered. Ensure the plant also has great access to a lot of sunlight each day. That will make the plant able to perform photosynthesis. A process that helps the bush generate energy and continue to grow.

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Strawberry Plant In The Light

Is Strawberry Sweet Or Sour

The flavor of a strawberry is a lot sweeter than sour if you pick the berry when it’s really ripe. But you can also have them a lot sourer too. If you pick them too early then there aren’t enough fruit sugars that have developed in the berry. 

That causes the berry to be more concentrated in citric acid than fruit sugars. The best strawberry will always be the one that’s picked on a very sunny day when the temperature is also pretty high outside.

The soil where it’s grown should be slightly drier to further concentrate the flavor even more. It’s hard to beat something like that, and they should be enjoyed as quickly as possible. 

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Red Strawberry In The Sun

Does Strawberry Have A Smell

The smell of a strawberry is best described as a very ripe red berry basically. It’s an aroma on its own more or less. But there is a sweetness to the aromatic bouquet as well. 

It’s not as sweet as raspberries or as tart as blackberries. Ripe strawberries also have a slightly green vegetable note to it as well, which just complements the sweet note too.

Strawberries In A Bowl