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Welcome to this article that will be discussing the smell of strawberries. Some people might think that they have a small whiff of a farty smell to them. This is mostly caused by something called sulfur. 

This aroma is not just specific to strawberries. It can actually be noticed on other berries and even fruits. It’s mostly happening because they aren’t really grown in an organic way.

Instead, these farms and companies are using pesticides to make sure they have a great harvest at the end. But the side effect of this is that the berries and fruits get sprayed with these chemicals and that stays on them for quite a long time. Follow along in this article and we will dive deeper into the aromatic of strawberries.

Ripe Strawberries On A Plant

Strawberries Smell Like Fart

When strawberries are starting to smell like a fart there is something that has happened when the plants are grown. They have been exposed to chemicals that are unnatural to them.

This happens when farms want to maximize the amount of harvest they are able to have. These pesticides are what carries a weird smell to them. They cause the berries to not have any diseases or insects affecting them.

But like we said, the end result is really not worth it. We don’t want to consume produce that has been exposed to these lab-made pesticides. It’s not something we are supposed to have in our bodies and it just feels off.

Instead, we choose to only have organic strawberries or any berries and fruits for that matter. This will protect us from any side effects that might appear from being exposed to these chemicals. Most of those chemicals or pesticides are used without taking into account the end product and the impact it has on a body when consumed.

We don’t want to promise anything, but we are very certain that if you were to choose organic strawberries instead of those grown the wrong way, we believe you won’t find any off smell on the berries. They are simply grown the way that they should be.

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Fresh Strawberries In The Sunlight

Why Do Strawberries Smell Weird

Strawberries can start smelling weird when they are starting to mold. This often happens because the berries are very ripe and there is a lot of sugar in them. This makes it a perfect target for diseases and insects to start attacking and infesting them.

To protect and delay this from happening we can wash the berries carefully and then lay them without touching each other in a container with paper in the bottom. Keep a lid on and then in the fridge.

This has proven to be a great way of keeping and storing strawberries for a very long time, up to 2 weeks in total. But at least in our household, they normally get eaten way before that.

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Red Strawberries Outside

Are Strawberries Supposed To Smell Bad

Strawberries are not supposed to smell bad. Not at the very least, honestly. Instead, they should be smelling like ripen and fresh berries. With a sweet note to them. If they smell strong or even bitter then there most likely is something wrong with them.

When you notice that you need to get rid of them. They are starting to go bad and will make you sick if you decide to eat them.

Small Strawberry Plant Outside