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Welcome to this article that will be talking about the possibility of eating strawberries that have black spots on them. We normally say that the risk of eating is never really worth it. 

Instead, we just throw these in our compost at home. They really don’t do any good for us. The berries might be affected by some disease or something. The effect of eating bad berries or fruit can be severe stomach pain. So we don’t risk it and instead, we compost these ones to turn them back into the soil which eventually will benefit any future berries grown on the plant.

Follow along in this article and we will be talking even more in-depth about this topic and what some of the options are for it. The strawberry plant is one of the easiest to start out with if you are a beginner in the gardening space.

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Can You Eat Strawberries With Black Spots

Eating any strawberries with black spots on them is not really worth the risk. It could be the start of mold growing on them. Which if eating could cause us to get very sick. It’s known to cause both severe stomach pain and even diarrhea. 

So for us, the risk is just not worth it, even if the berries are homegrown and probably delicious. Instead, we just eat the berries while they still are very fresh and vibrant. 

But there are other things we could use these berries for. Having compost at home in the garden is a great thing for reducing waste. It forces us to think twice before throwing something in the trash. Instead, we might be able to turn it back into the soil.

This soil will then be filled with nutrition and bacteria that will help any future plants growing in the soil. The end product, the berries will also taste a lot more since there is more nutrition going into them.

A quick tip is to even use the wilting parts of strawberry plants at the end of the year in your compost. The plant is a perennial so it will come back next year anyway. So why not use some of those extra parts for beneficial use?

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How Do I Know If A Strawberry Is Bad

The best way to know if a strawberry is bad is to just smell it and also look at it. If the berry smells off, like bitter, or in any way not like a strawberry should then that is a red flag.

Also looking at the berry is important. The berry should have any mushy parts on it that leave flesh exposed. That is a great place for mold and disease to start growing. Any small spots or change in color should also be a big red flag for you.

Like we said at the start of this article here, the best use for these berries is to just use them in compost. That will eventually turn them back into the soil which then makes them able to be used for future plants planted in our garden.

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Are Black Seeds On Strawberries Bad

Black seeds on strawberries are not really the best thing. They are starting to decompose which is a bad sign as the rest of the berry is probably doing the same as well. 

These should not be eaten and instead are better fitted for compost. They can otherwise cause us to get sick, and symptoms like stomach pain and diarrhea are common.

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