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Welcome to this article that will be talking about whether it’s possible to eat strawberry leaves. They are entirely edible but the thing is that they don’t really taste that good. They have a pretty bitter flavor and aroma to them.

Given that, if you want to try and eat some then it’s perfectly fine. But whenever we pick and want to enjoy strawberries at home then we always pick away the small green leaves on the berries. Keeps them tasty and has no bitter flavor interacting with the rest.

Follow along in this article here and we will be talking even more about growing and caring for strawberries. The berry bush is one of the most widely cultivated ones in the US and also one of the easiest ones to start growing at home by yourself.

Growing Strawberries Outdoors

Can You Eat Strawberry Leaves

Like we said at the beginning of the article here, the leaves on your strawberry plant are edible, but they will not taste that great. The flavor tends to be very very bitter as well as having the same aroma. With all that, they aren’t really that appealing to pick and enjoy.

The best thing is really to just keep them on the plant instead. They perform something very important called photosynthesis. This is the process where the sunlight is transformed into energy for the plant. Without that happening then the plant wouldn’t be able to grow and develop fruits to be enjoyed.

As for picking the perfect strawberry instead then you need to look at the color of the berry. It should be really deep red and have a slight give to it when you feel it. That indicated to us that it was perfectly ripe and ready to be enjoyed. The reason for describing what the best strawberry look might be is to not have any of them wasted. It’s the tastiest part of the plant and if not picked at the right time, we leave so much flavor on the table.

Keeping the plant growing well will also be important to have a taste of strawberries. That means the soil should be kept rather damp all the time. This means the roots never have to stress about getting the necessary nutrients each day. 

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Are Strawberry Leaves Healthy To Eat

Like we have already established in this article right here, strawberry leaves are entirely edible. But the flavor of them isn’t really that great. They have a pretty bitter flavor and aroma to them that is hard to appreciate.

It’s almost like the green part of a tomato plant, it’s not really edible but if you pickle them in vinegar, then that vinegar will take on the flavor of a strawberry. We can use that same trick with the green part of strawberries to make the most of the plant.

But generally speaking, it’s not that enjoyable to eat the green leaves on a strawberry plant. It’s just not worth it and keeping the berry and the berry only is the best thing to do.

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Why Do People Not Eat Strawberry Leaves

The leaves of the strawberry plant are just not that nice tasting. The flavor is pretty bitter or even just bland. The texture of it is also not really that good. It’s not very tender and is sort of chewy.

But if you want to taste them then it’s perfectly fine. The leaves are just not very good tasting but they aren’t poisonous at all.

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