Planting Raspberries And Strawberries Together

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Welcome to this article that will be discussing the topic of planting and growing raspberries and strawberries together. For the short answers, it’s not a very good idea to grow the plants together. Since there are diseases that grow pretty easily on strawberry plants if these are transmitted and spread to raspberries you can say goodbye to too many harvests from those bushes.

Because of that, it’s actually recommended to try and keep raspberry bushes from places where strawberries have grown in the last 5 years or so. This will be a sufficient amount of time for the diseases to leave the area and go away.

Follow along in this article and we will continue talking about this amazing topic that is growing both raspberries and strawberries. It’s some of the most common berries you can grow at home. 

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Planting Raspberries And Strawberries Together

Just like we said in the first segment of this article here, it’s really not recommended to grow raspberries and strawberries together. The simple reason for this happening is that there are some specific diseases that only grow on strawberries that raspberries normally naturally don’t get.

Because of that, we don’t want to intermix the two as the raspberries might be affected by these diseases. It could impact the flowers and cause the potential harvest to go way down. But it can also cause the plant to start rotting.

As you notice these are really serious issues and should be avoided as much as possible. You might ask then if it’s even possible to grow raspberries in a spot where strawberries have been before. Well if you can manage to wait about 5 years then hopefully any disease or thing growing on strawberries will have gone away.

The same tip goes for strawberries and raspberries alike, keep the soil healthy by using fertilizers every now and again. That will ensure the plant has a great immune system and the berries growing on them will actually be larger and importantly too, more tasty and flavorful.

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What Should Not Be Planted By Strawberries

There is a pool of different plants that just shouldn’t be planted next to strawberries. It’s all about diseases that are specific to those plants which can then spread onto other ones, like strawberries, and have a very bad impact.

Some of the more common plants not to keep close by would be tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, and melons. These plants are luckily very easy to separate and grow on their own away from strawberries.

A great tip is to just keep the strawberries growing in a pot so you are more easily able to move the plant around in your garden at home. Keep the soil healthy and rich in nutrients with the help of fertilizers and you will have a happily growing strawberry plant.

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Can I Grow Strawberries And Raspberries Together

As we said in the first part of this article right here, it is not a good idea to be growing strawberries and raspberries together. They carry different diseases that could be very detrimental if they are passed on to the other plant.

So keeping them separator will save you a lot of pain at home when gardening. Luckily the plants are pretty good at spreading and making the most of the land it’s growing in, so the quest to maximize the area is not so hard.

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