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Welcome to this article that will be talking about whether or not it’s cheaper to just go out and pick your own strawberries. For the most part, yes. It all really depends on where you live and how far it might be to drive out to a farm where they offer this service.

Myself, we grow strawberries at home in our garden, but sometimes they are late and we want to enjoy strawberries when the summer heat finally arrives. So for us, it’s a pretty easy choice to go out to a farm and support them by both picking and paying for the berries there.

Follow along in the article here and we will dive even deeper into this topic of picking your own berries and some of the benefits of it might be. Note that they will never taste as good as the ones you might grow at home yourself

Harvested Strawberries In The Sun

Is It Cheaper To Pick Your Own Strawberries

Like we said at the beginning of the article, picking your own strawberries is for the most part cheaper than going to the store and buying berries there. It will all really depend on how far you might have to drive to a farm where they offer a service like self-picking.

In these times, the price of gas is pretty high so having to drive a far way just to go picking strawberries might take up quite a lot of money. These farmers also need to be able to pay for all the equipment they have and the land they own. So expect that the price won’t be super low.

Nonetheless, if we look at the quality we get from picking our own berries it’s unmatched compared to the ones in the store. Doing it this way we can pick the most perfect sun-ripe strawberries and leave the ones that aren’t ready just yet. 

So all the berries we will have to pay for will be the most delicious ones possible. But it’s also worth mentioning that it’s a very fun family trip going to a farm with the kids and letting them go wild picking and eating strawberries.

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Fresh Red Strawberries

What Month Is Best For Strawberry Picking

The best month of the year to go picking strawberries has to be during the summer months. Especially June and July. This is like the prime season for strawberries. It’s also when there is an abundance of them available that tends to lead to lower prices too.

The quality you are able to get during this time is way better than the early varieties in May or even April. Those will never get as sweet as the summer strawberries. 

As we mentioned in the part above here, it’s a very fun family project going out to a farm and picking strawberries too. Most people will also be on vacation during that time of the year as well. 

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How Do You Pick A Strawberry

The best way to pick a strawberry is to first feel it and have a good look at it. Picking an unripe strawberry is such a shame as it won’t ripen anymore after being picked.

The perfect ones will have a slight give to them in terms of texture. But the color of them will also be deep red. That means there is plenty of sugar that has been developed. If they don’t release easily, that’s also a sign they’re not really ready yet.

Strawberry Plant In The Garden