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Welcome to this article that will be talking about whether it’s good to refreeze strawberries that have been frozen before and now are defrosted completely. There really isn’t anything wrong with doing this, but there will be some changes you might want to be aware of.

The most important one is that the berries will change when they are frozen and the texture will change. As they are frozen, the texture will not be as firm anymore as the fresh ones. So refreezing these mushy berries will make them only really viable for a few different things.

Follow along in this article and we will continue to learn about the wonderful berry that is the strawberry. There are a few things you can do with these refrozen strawberries. It’s one of the healthiest and greatest berries we have and we love sharing our knowledge about it.

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Can You Refreeze Frozen Strawberries

As we said in the first segment of this article here, the strawberries that have been frozen and then defrosted will have a different texture to them. That makes them viable for only a few things, some examples being marmalade and jam for example.

When we defrost these frozen berries we often will want to try and use them as soon as possible. That will help ensure the quality is the best it can be. The same goes if we want to refreeze them again.

The berries won’t get any better laying in the fridge defrosted for too long. So if you don’t need them, then placing them in a container with a lid will help to preserve them for the next time instead.

The texture of them for the next time will be slightly more water. As the berries are frozen, the liquid in them is expanding as they freeze and sometimes leaks out to the sides.

That’s the liquid that forms at the bottom after you have defrosted them. Still very delicious and great use for cooking marmalade or making some homemade jams.

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Can You Eat Thawed Strawberries

The strawberries that are slightly thawed are very much edible. There isn’t something that has gone wrong with these ones. The slightly frozen process they have undergone will actually concentrate the sugars in the berries more.

This will make the taste sweeter. They might however be more watery in texture and mushier too. This makes them more viable for preservative methods, like marmalade or jams. 

The only time you wouldn’t want to eat strawberries is when they are who sing either white or black spots on them. That would be the start of mold growing on them.

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How Long Do Thawed Frozen Berries Last In The Fridge

Thawed frozen berries like strawberries will last about 1 week in the fridge before you start seeing a notable decline in quality and flavor. The berries will be more watery as they have been defrosted.

So the use for them will be more limited. They will be great for things like marmalade and jams instead. You might even be able to make a flavourful jelly with them as freezing berries will concentrate the sugars even more.

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