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Welcome to this article that will be discussing why the seeds of strawberries can be found on the outside of the plant. The fruit is a very common plant to grow at home but is also one of the most common berries cultivated in the US.

Places like California have a massive industry dedicated to growing just this berry. But why might the seeds be on the outside? Well, if you are lucky to find wild strawberries then those berries need to spread, just like any plant wants to. Being that the seeds are on the outside, it makes it easier for them to find their way to a new place.

Follow along in this article and we will be discussing even more in-depth strawberries, but especially the seeds of the berry. It’s like we said one of the most cultivated berries, luckily it’s also one of the easier ones to start out with if you are a beginner.

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Why Are Strawberry Seeds On The Outside Of The Fruit

As we said at the beginning of the article here, the strawberry plant is one of the most common ones grown in the US. Through many years the varieties of strawberries have been slimmed down and perfected so they can grow quickly and be resistant to diseases. That all makes for a safer and more reliable harvest.

Some things haven’t changed though, like the shape and the seeds being outside for example. There is a large number of strawberry seeds on the outside. Each one of them is able to eventually grow into a plant by itself.

A lot of birds eat the berries and they will eventually relieve themselves in other places. The seeds are so small that they won’t get processed when going into the stomach of these birds. That means they can, once they hit the ground, start growing.

It can pretty quickly start spreading to other places and with time there will be a lot of strawberry plants growing all over your garden or even in the wild in the forest. Some basic needs like open space and lots of sunlight will be needed to start growing though.

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Are Strawberry Seeds On The Outside Or Inside

The strawberry seeds are on the outside of the fruit. Meaning that all those small points or yellow things are the seeds of the fruit. There is a large number of strawberry varieties out there but all of them have seeds on the outside.

There are almost 200 small seeds located on the outside that all are able to start growing eventually if they ever reach a new place that meets all the requirements for the plant.

You can even plant your own new strawberry plants with these seeds. Just make sure the space has a lot of sunlight and nutrition. This will ensure you have a happily growing strawberry plant with some patience.

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Do You Need To Remove Seeds From Strawberries

You do not need to remove the seeds from the strawberries. They are so small you barely won’t even notice them if you eat them. They have even developed that way so that they can go through the stomach without getting processed.

As for nutrition, they contain some small amounts of vitamins. The texture as well is pretty nonexistent. Chewing down a strawberry the seeds will just turn to mush instead. Should also mention the time consumption necessary to pick away all the seeds.

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