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Welcome to this article that will be talking about growing strawberries in a climate that is very hot. A very high temperature can be difficult for a lot of plants to grow in, but with strawberries, it’s not really a problem, in fact, it’s probably even better in all honesty.

In places like California, the average temperature during the year is very high, but there is a large number of farms here growing strawberries. It’s one of the largest exporters of strawberries in the US. 

Follow along in this article and we will talk even more about growing and caring for strawberry plants in your garden. It’s a great option if you are a beginner who wants to start out and explore the gardening space.

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Growing Strawberries In Hot Climate

As we said at the beginning of the article here already, the strawberry plant is one of the best berry bushes to grow in a very hot climate. The warm temperatures encourage the plant to ripen the berries very quickly.

The warmer temperature also seems to correlate with more stars being able to develop in the berry. But that might just be us being biased as we think California strawberries are the best ones. 

There are however a few things that follow with growing in a much hotter climate. The plant will grow in soil that will take a beating much more easily. The soil will dry out very fast when the temperature rises and the moisture in the air are basically non-existent.

Because of that, we need to have a better look at the condition of the soil to determine whether or not we need to add more water. We often recommend that the soil should be somewhat damp to the touch, that seems to be the best possible texture for growing the plant. It keeps them in line with growth and no roots risk being dried out either.

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How Hot Is Too Hot For Strawberries

Even though we have said in this article that the temperature for growing strawberries is very high, or the threshold for it at least. There is a limit that will start to have a diminishing return instead. 

In areas like southern Texas where the temperature might be scorching and the moisture in the air very low, it could be too much for the plants. It’s not about the soil being too dry, that’s something we can fix ourselves. 

It’s more about the leaves scorching and turning in color from the very very high temperature. The workaround would be to find a place that is shadier. That will give the plant some necessary rest during the day.

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Can Strawberries Get Too Much Sun

Strawberries can definitely get too much sunlight each day. We recommend they get between 8 – 10 hours of sunlight each day. That seems to be the best amount to keep the plant from not drying and wilting, and also producing berries that are full of flavor.

Just make sure that the soil is kept pretty damp to protect the plant from having the roots dry and eventually die. The roots are some of the most important parts of any plant. Because of that, we need to keep the healthy, in the case of strawberry plants that means fertilizing and watering the soil on a set schedule that’s followed.

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