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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why you might be seeing that your spider plant is losing its curl. This often comes from the plant not getting enough water and being exposed to too much sunlight for a prolonged period.

The spider plant prefers soil that is kept slightly damp all the time and every now and again fertilized as well. But if you don’t keep that up and the plant gets a lot of suns the nice curl on the leaves will disappear.

Follow along in the article below and we will continue talking about the wonderful houseplant that is the spider plant. For beginners in the world of gardening, it’s actually a great option, much because of the low maintenance of the plant.

Curly Spider Plant In A Pot

Curly Spider Plant Losing Curl

If you read the first part of the article here, we revealed that the spider plant will eventually lose its curl if the condition it’s growing in is no good. The plant has some pretty specific but easy-to-reach requirements.

The plant will need to be in soil that is kept slightly damp all the time basically. This will make it so that the roots always have access to water and nutrients that they can then pass onto the rest of the plant without any issues.

As for fertilizing the soil, try and do that about every 1 – 2 months or so. That will help maintain a great level of nutrition in the soil all the time. You will not have to see a color shift on the leaves for example.

Keeping those practices up and in combination with the plant getting only about 8 – 10 hours of sunlight each day. That will be plenty enough for the plant to perform enough photosynthesis to generate energy, but the leaves won’t start getting sunburnt.

When the leaves on a spider plant are starting to lose their curl then you need to know these practices haven’t been kept up for some time. The plant will not very quickly lose its curl, so acting quickly to fix it will be important.

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Large Spider Plant In A Pot

How Do You Revive A Curly Spider Plant

Reviving a curly spider plant is not that difficult really. It’s a much simpler task than trying to revive a plant where the roots have started rotting for example.

If you can get the plant back to the condition it used to be in when the plant was growing the best then you will see a recovery. This means keeping the soil slightly damp all the time and ensuring there is nutrition in the soil by fertilizing it.

Try and find a south-facing window in your house where you can keep your spider plant. That will help the plant ensure it has the best possible growth and is able to recover.

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Green Spider Plant Indoors

Why Has My Spider Plant Gone Flat

A spider plant that is starting to turn flat is often caused by the plant not getting enough nutrients each day. But it can also be because the plant is getting way too much sunlight making the leaves tired.

Try to keep the sun exposure to about 8 – 10 hours each day. That will help keep it in moderation.

Spider Plant Growing Indoors