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Welcome to this article that will be talking about whether it’s possible or not to eat spider plants. The plant is actually edible in small quantities. But the flavor of the plant might not be great. Most likely pretty bland and not really full of nutrition either.

In Africa, there have been records of people using this spider plant in cooking. But just like we said, the quantities are very small then. For the best experience eating or consuming this plant, you should try and have the best growing plant possible.

Follow along in the article down here below, we will share a lot of insight on what makes the tastiest spider plant. The spider plant is one of the best houseplants for beginners as the plant isn’t very time-consuming to cultivate and grow.

Small Spider Plant In The Sun

Can You Eat Spider Plants

The spider plant is edible as we already said at the beginning of the article here. The spider plant has been known to be eaten in some parts of Africa. Spider plants aren’t really known however to have any great nutritional value to them or any particular good flavor.

The spider plant can be eaten as we said in small amounts. But for the best possible flavor or nutrition to it, you need to have it growing in a great spot.

That means the plant needs plenty of sunlight each day, try and aim for about 8 – 10 hours. That will make the plant able to photosynthesize which generates energy for the rest of the plant.

The second part which is very important about growing and caring for spider plants is the soil quality. If there isn’t any nutritional value to the soil, it will be very difficult for the roots to grow and prosper.

Using some fertilizers about every 1 – 2 months or so will be a great habit to start taking up. The roots will now always have access to plenty of nutrition which benefits the whole plant.

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Curly Spider Plant In A Pot

Are Spider Plant Leaves Poisonous

The spider plant is actually edible, but only in small quantities really. The plant will otherwise be poisonous or at the very least have a bad effect on you if you take in too much.

We mentioned that the plant does have a history of being consumed in certain parts of Africa, where the plant was also cultivated to some degree. But the plant will only be worth keeping in a diet if the soil is very good. The plant does not have a lot of nutrition, so ensuring there is at least some in there will be important.

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Large Spider Plant Indoors

What Happens If You Eat A Spider Plant

Nothing dangerous will happen if you eat a small amount of spider plant. But if you decide to up it and have several leaves of the plant then you might risk having stomach pain afterward. 

The plant is edible in small amounts, but as a general recommendation, it might be for the best to just leave the plant alone and instead enjoy it for the decorative house plant it is.

Spider Plant In The Garden