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Welcome to this article that will be talking about whether or not spider plants will be attracting bees. The plant will just like any other flowering plant attracts bees. There will be nectar in the flower which the bees want to be able to feed on.

But you shouldn’t worry, the number of bees you see each year won’t be that much, and you will only be seeing the bees if you are keeping your spider plant outside. Indoors it’s not very likely you will see any bees.

Follow along in this article and you will learn more about growing and caring for a spider plant. It’s not the most common houseplant out there but nonetheless a great option for beginners. Much because of the simplicity of cultivating it.

Spider Plant In A Pot

Do Spider Plants Attract Bees

As we mentioned in the first part here already in the article, the spider plant will attract bees. But any plant will attract bees as they are flowering. The bees are attracted to the nectar in the flowers.

They feed on this and bring it back to the beehive they live in. Here the nectar becomes the source of nutrition for the bees and also the queen bee too. But there are some tricks you could use if you wouldn’t want to have bees near your house.

If you decide to keep your plants indoors instead then you most likely won’t see any bees anywhere near the plant. If kept outside however the plant will attract them. The hassle of seeking them out when growing indoors isn’t worth it, and hopefully, you have plenty of flowers all around you outside instead.

So all in all, keep the plants flowering indoors instead, be that spider plants or monster plants, that will keep bees away. But you should know that having a thriving bee community all around you will be very important if you are growing something that needs to be pollinated, like apple trees for example.

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Small Spider Plant In The Sun

Do Spider Plants Pollinate

The spider plant will bloom if you keep it growing in a happy and thriving spot. The plant needs plenty of sunlight and also soil which is full of nutrition. Try to reach about 8 – 10 hours of sunlight each day for the best success.

Using some fertilizers will also be a great trick to make use of. That will help introduce more and more nutrition for the roots as the plant is getting older.

As we said, the spider plant will bloom naturally but in order for those flowers to start turning into seeds and eventually spreading, the plant needs to be pollinated.

If you keep the plant indoors that process will be very difficult as the bees aren’t able to reach the plant. But if you can keep the plant outside on a balcony or in a garden if you have one then that will be great for the plant. Cultivating new spider plants is very easy but sometimes it might be a hassle and keeping only one plant might be the best.

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Curly Spider Plant Growing Indoors

What Do Spider Plants Help With

The spider plant is often credited for cleaning the air where it’s staying and living. This makes it a great option if you are living in urban places or in a big city where the air quality is lower than out in the countryside.

But make sure you aren’t seeing any change in color or look at the spider plant, a happy spider plant will be able to clean the air, as opposed to a dying one instead.

Spider Plant Growing In A Pot