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Welcome to this article that will be talking about whether or not spider plants will attract ants or not. Fortunately for you, there is nothing in the spider plant itself that will attract a lot of ants. 

Instead, it’s when the plant has been affected by pests that opens up the stem and the sweet and sticky liquid that is inside. That is what will attract ants to come to the plant. When they start appearing they will continue harming the plant as they are draining all the nutrients.

Follow along in the article below and we will continue talking about the topic of growing and caring for a spider plant. It’s one of the less popular houseplants out there, but nonetheless a great option because of the straightforward growing techniques.

Spider Plant Growing Inside

Do Spider Plants Attract Ants

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article already, the spider plant will attract ants if there have been pests attacking the plant already. These pests will attack the health of the plant rather aggressively.

As there are open areas where mold might have grown from these pests. Sweet and nutritious liquids will start dropping out. That liquid is something that ants will be very attracted to.

So to hopefully not have any issues with the growth of your spider plant, then you should try and keep the plant as healthy as possible. A healthy plant will be a lot less likely to be attacked and affected by pests.

Keep the soil slightly damp to have the roots happily growing. Using some fertilizer for the soil a little bit too will have a great effect on the health of the plant. We recommend using some fertilizer about every 1 or 2 months or so.

That will avoid the risk of over-fertilizing the roots of the plant. Keeping the roots well might be the most important. They are what provide all the energy for the plant.

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Green Spider Plant Hanging

What Is Eating The Leaves On My Spider Plant

The most likely culprit which is eating the leaves of your spider plant is ants. These small bugs will be seeking out the sweet and nutrient-rich liquid which hides in the leaves.

Ants are bugs that are attracted to these sweet liquids, almost like bees are attracted to flowers for nectar. The ants will instead have a more harmful effect on the health of the plant. As more things are exposed to oxygen on the plant, the likelihood of diseases growing on it is way higher.

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Spider Plant Growing Indoors

Why Are Spider Plants Good To Have In Your House

The spider plant actually does have some benefits with it. The plant is known to be able to clean the air a little bit. Just like trees help clean the air as well. The spider plant is a great option to keep indoors then.

For the plant to be able to do this effectively we need to make sure the plant is healthy too. Use some fertilizer for the soil every now and again. Provide plenty of sunlight as well, about 8 – 10 hours each day is perfect.

Curly Spider Plant Indoors