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Welcome to this article that will be talking about if a spider plant might be able to attract flies or not. Thankfully the spider plant doesn’t really attract any insects at all. Instead, the plant will just have bugs or pests if the health of the plant has deteriorated severely.

When the plant might start to decompose then you might start to get bugs feeding from the plant. This is when flies might start to appear too. If the roots are rotting from being overwatered flies could also appear, much because of the rotting and smell of it.

Below we will discuss the topic of caring for and growing spider plants at home. It’s becoming a more and more popular plant for home gardeners. Much because of the very straightforward approach to growing it.

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Do Spider Plants Attract Flies

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article the spider plant doesn’t really attract any insects or bugs at all. The only time you might be seeing flies appearing on the spider plants is if the plant is decomposing and rotting.

Any plant rotting or molding will have flies around it. The smell of it is something that attracts the flies. But a healthy plant that does not have any issues does not contain anything that would make it more likely for flies to approach it.

To keep the spider plant healthy and not starting to rot we need to be careful with the amount of water we are giving to the roots. Too much water is what makes the roots start to rot. Which then makes flies more likely to appear.

Try to keep the soil slightly damp all the time. That’s the ideal environment for the roots to be growing in. The roots have the ability to drain energy and nutrient from the soil without any hassle. There is oxygen able to pass through the soil and keep the roots alive.

The second part of keeping the plant healthy would be fertilizing the soil a little bit. We recommend doing that about every 1 or 2 months. That will provide enough nutrients for the plant without overdoing it and risking harming the roots instead.

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What Could Be Eating My Spider Plant

The most likely culprit for something eating your spider plant would be ants. These are very common issues among plants as they seek out the sweet and nutrient-rich stems of the plants.

That’s what the ants want from most plants. This is why there are so many different pesticides out there that are meant to keep these pesky insects away from eating the plant.

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How Do I Get Rid Of Gnats In My Spider Plant

Getting rid of gnats on your spider plant is not really the easiest thing to do. Unfortunately, the best thing to do is probably to use some pesticides that will harm the bugs and not the plant itself.

These pesticides can be found in most gardening stores. Make sure that you take one specifically for houseplants or orchid plants. Those are meant for plants like spider plants.

Spider Plant Growing In A Pot