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Welcome to this article that will be talking about how a pothos plant will be doing if it’s growing pot-bound. The quick answer is that the plant will be growing the best if it has plenty of room to grow its root system.

It should not be growing into a small ball. Instead, it wants to expand the root system widely. So picking a larger size on the pot will be the best route to go down. The effect a small pot can have on the plant is a crowded soil that makes the plant compete with itself.

Follow along in the article below and we will be sharing more about the best practices for keeping and caring for a pothos plant. It’s a relatively low-maintenance variety that fits in very well with beginners in gardening.

Pothos Leaves In The Garden

Does Pothos Like To Be Pot Bound

As we said in the beginning, the plant does not like a pot that is too small. It will make it compete with itself. With that said the plant will do very well even though it’s growing in a pot. It’s one of the most popular houseplants to have growing indoors, not only for the beauty it brings but also for the low maintenance it has.

But what is the ideal size for a pothos plant to be growing in? Well in terms of the pot it should be somewhere between 10 – 12 inches wide. But the height or depth of the pot also makes a difference. It should be somewhat the same at 10 – 12 inches. 

Having a pot-sized like that will provide plenty of room for the pothos plant to be growing in. But it’s also okay to start out with slightly less if it’s just a small plant. Otherwise, a small plant might actually get shocked by the size it suddenly has access to.

Keeping the size of the pot in moderation with the age and the size of the pothos plant is what we find to be the secret to successfully growing the plant.

The health of the soil that is in the pot will also be vital. It should not be too dry as that will not encourage the plant to commute to grow. Instead, the soil should be somewhat damp. Fertilizing the soil every now and again will also make for a better environment for the pothos to grow in.

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Pothos Plant Growing Inside

Does Pothos Like Crowded Pots

The pothos plant doesn’t really like a pot with a lot of other plants growing in it. It will have to compete with them to get the necessary nutrients. But the fact is that other plants will probably not do well growing close to the pothos plant.

It’s a fierce plant that can establish itself very well and will make it difficult for other plants to get any of the water or nutrients in the soil. Once established the root systems will also choke out any other plant that might be growing there.

But when you are propagating new cuttings from the pothos plant then it’s very possible to have several in the same pot. Since they will not be growing there for more than 2 months at the maximum. 

That way the root system will have enough time to develop but not interfere with other neighboring cutting growing there.

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Pothos Plant Growing Indoors

When Should I Repot My Pothos

The pothos plant doesn’t really need to be repotted that often. The reason why we are even repotting is to give some new oxygen and nutrients to the root system. Every 12 – 18 months the plant should be repotted to make sure we have this happening.

It will breathe some new life into the plant and you will have it feeling fresh and once again it will thrive. Just make sure the new soil is rich in nutrients as otherwise this is a pretty useless thing to do for the plant.

Pothos Plant Growing In The Sun