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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why your pothos plant might not be rooting properly. The most common reason we have found to cause pothos cuttings to root is that the temperature is simply too cold.

Like most plants, they want a warm climate or at least a temperature. This is especially true for the pothos plant. The cuttings are very vulnerable once you have cut them off. They don’t have a root system to support them and quickly need to develop one.

Because of this a lot of pothos cuttings are rooted because the environment is not ideal for it. Follow along here and we will learn more about growing the pothos plant. For us, this is one of the best beginner-friendly plants that you could have at home. 

Pothos Plant Growing Indoors

Pothos Cuttings Not Rooting

As we said at the beginning of the article here, one of the most common reasons a pothos plant might not root is because of a temperature that is too low. We don’t want this as it will discourage the cuttings from even starting to root.

Instead, we want to treat the plant like any other and make sure it has the most ideal climate to grow in, in order to promote future growth. This means the spot it’s growing in should get about 8 – 10 hours of sun each day. 

This will help the leaves on the cutting be able to perform photosynthesis, a vital part of all plants. It will generate energy that in turn will be transformed into a steady growth of the entire plant but above all the root system.

Overwatering the soil that the cuttings are growing in will also negatively affect the plant. It can shock the roots that will come out and instead of giving room for growth, they will drown the roots. Then you will not have a thriving plant at all.

A pro tip we have found out is to fertilize the soil a little bit to encourage the growth of the roots. Using an organic fertilizer that can be found in most stores will make for the best results.

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Pothos Plant Growing In A Pot

How Long Does It Take Pothos To Root

The pothos plant is a pretty fast-rooting plant. We have found out that the cuttings that we take will start to root after just 4 – 6 weeks. This is incredibly fast and will almost certainly make for the successful cultivation and propagation of more pothos plants.

With that said it’s important to choose the best cuttings when you want to grow more. The cutting should be cut where there is clearly new growth coming out. That will increase the chance it starts to develop and continue to grow. 

The leaves growing from there will quickly start generating energy for the plant. That is vital for the roots to start developing from the lower parts of the plant. We do recommend that you try and remove some of the lower leaves on the cuttings.

That will make it easier for it to start rooting. More space where roots can be growing from. The size of the ideal cutting should be about 10 inches. The amount that should be under the surface when planting is about 2 – 3 inches.

That will create a stable for the cutting to grow from. Just make sure that the soil is somewhat damp and semi-wet. That will make it a lot easier for it to quickly start rooting, and those 4 – 6 weeks might be a lot less.

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Pothos Plant Growing In The Garden

How Do I Make My Pothos Root Faster

The best way to make sure that a pothos plant will start rooting quickly is to make sure the soil is well fertilized and healthy. But also making sure it has enough water in there will do the trick.

Picking a cutting that has healthy leaves growing from it will also aid in making sure the roots are starting to grow quickly.

Pothos Leaves In The Garden