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Welcome to this post about how much water you will need to provide for your peach tree. In most cases, it’s not a whole lot since the older the tree gets the less it needs, from you at least. It will instead use the roots it has developed to get water from deep beneath the ground. A fun fact is that peach trees need about 36 inches of water during the year to thrive and continue to grow.

If you live in an area where this is generally not reached during the year then you will most likely need to supplement and water your peach tree. The most important time when it will need water is when it’s still young and growing quickly

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How Much Water Do Peaches Need

Peaches is a fruit tree that will not require a whole lot of water. Like we said in the beginning, if the tree can get around 36 inches of water during the year then it will be fine. This is a sufficient amount for the water storage deep underground to get refilled and not dry out too quickly. Some years it might rain more, those are good since it will balance out when we have years where it might barely rain anything.

If you are keeping up to date on how much rain you have gotten so far where you live or how much you are expected to get each year then you can use that as a guide for how much watering you will need to do. Although it has not been often we have had to water the larger peach trees of peach. They generally manage just fine.

The small trees or the younger trees are usually the ones that will need to be watered. They follow the same rule of 36 inches of water per year. If you are growing your peach tree in a large pot and keeping it both indoors and outdoors then you will have to water it every week at least on the sunnier days.

We can’t set an amount of water to use. The best practice is to just water the soil until it’s damp to the touch. At this point, you can feel safe that it has gotten enough. If it’s very soggy after watering then it has probably gotten too much. Shouldn’t be an issue unless you decide to water more.

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How Much Water Does A Peach Tree Need Per Day

A large and fully grown peach tree will require about 35 – 40 gallons of water every day during the warm days of both July and August. This might seem like an insanely high amount. But the fact of the matter is that deep underneath the soil are water storages. These hold massive amounts of water if the climate is balanced. You have more rain during the autumn, winter, or even spring. This helps maintain a good level of water that the peach trees can leach from.

If you are having many seasons in a row with barely any rain then you will have to water the trees or the soil. Otherwise, they will start drying up. A Peach is a tree used to grow in very warm climates but when it gets too much then the tree will not be able to handle it anymore. Really just like any plant growing in an area like that.

Let’s summarize a little bit about what we have been talking about here. Peach trees require about 36 inches of water every year to survive and still be able to develop and grow more. The hardest time of the year for them is in the summer. More specifically in July and August. These hot days will make it thirst for between 35 – 40 gallons of water every day.

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