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Welcome to this post about how often you will need to water your peach tree. Thankfully this fruit tree is a pretty low-maintenance one to have at home growing. The only time you will need to water it is when you are growing it from a seed or a small plant from a nursery. But a tree that has been growing in your garden for maybe 10 years will not really need any water.

The old peach trees have developed a root system deep enough to start draining water from deep beneath the surface. But on some younger trees, might need to be watered if the summer is especially hot. In this article, we will outline exactly that, when to water and when not to.

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How Many Times A Week Should I Water My Peach Tree

If you have a fully grown peach tree then you will really not have to water it very often or even at all. This is because the roots have dug deep enough to start getting their supply from underground water storage that basically exists everywhere. The times when you might need to supplement are when it has been a very dry summer or season and the storage deep underground has not been resupplied as much. You need to have a rainy autumn or at least some heavy rain at the end of the season. This will be stored for the next year and the trees can get off to a great start.

If you are growing the peach in a pot instead like a lot of people are doing these days then you will need to water it about once a week. The peach tree might not be the fastest-growing tree out there, but it will still require a decent amount of water. It comes down to there being a warm temperature but also it needs the energy to start flowering and eventually develop the fruits.

What we often recommend doing before you water the soil is checking it. If it is already pretty damp or moist then you don’t need to water it at all. Since there can be some humid nights depending on where you live, that will keep the water in the soil for longer.

The same schedule of watering once a week applies if you are growing a peach tree from seed indoors for example. Here we also want the soil to be kept moist or damp. One of the most common reasons for peach seedlings or young trees not surviving is overwatering. It really damages the root system as too much water stays with it and oxygen can’t reach it enough. It can be hard to spot by just watching the soil. You need to get down and actually feel the soil and then make a decision based on that.

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How Long Should You Water A Peach Tree

For us, there is no something called how long you need to water a tree or a plant. It comes down to feeling the soil. Peach trees will thrive in soil that is kept well-drained and damp or moist. So you need to feel the soil to know if you have achieved this or not.

If you are unsure about how much to water then just do a tiny bit at a time. This will let you go in increments and then you won’t risk overwatering the soil. This might also be the best way of quickly learning how to water plants in general and then you will be able to do it in no time.

Let’s summarize a bit again what we have been talking about here. Peach trees will require watering about once a week or so if it’s still on the younger side. Meaning less than 5 years old. Above that, it should really be able to get the water it needs from the soil deep underground.

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