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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why a pothos plant might not be growing. The solution really is about keeping the plant in the most healthy state possible. 

This means properly watering the soil and making sure the plant gets enough sunlight each day as well. Having these steps covered will help a lot in making sure you have a stable growth line for your pothos.

Follow along in this article and we will be discussing caring and propagating a pothos plant more in-depth. We have been growing this variety for a long time and are convinced it’s one of the best ones for beginners to start out with.

Pothos Plant Growing In A Pot

My Pothos Won’t Grow

As we have previously said before in the article, the reason for a pothos plant not growing really is about not having the right conditions for it. We want the soil to be well watered but also rich in nutrients. That will all help tremendously for the growth of the pothos plant.

But having the plant get enough sunlight is also a vital part of the pothos plant’s growth. We wish for it to get atleast 8 – 10 hours when kept indoors. Any less than this and the plant might start to grow very leggy and not the way we would like it to grow. 

But keeping it outdoors might make this a little bit easier. The plant will require less sunlight each day as the concentration of sunlight will be higher. About 6 – 8 hours will be plenty enough. But note that the temperature might be a lot higher outside, and sunburnt leaves on a pothos plant is not completely uncommon.

Watering the soil property is also something we said will help the plant grow better. The soil should be kept somewhat damp at all times. This way we can more easily make sure the plant has a healthy state of growth. We won’t risk overwatering either as we will only be adding water in small amounts. An overwatered pothos plant will often have very droopy and wilting leaves. They might even be starting to rot too.

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Pothos Plant Growing Inside

How Can I Make My Pothos Grow Faster

Making your pothos plant grow faster is all about making sure it has the best possible environment to be growing in. This comes down to making sure it has plenty of nutrients in the soil and is also kept well watered.

But getting enough sunlight each day will also be vital. Without that the plant can perform photosynthesis. A process only possible if the plant leaves can get sunlight. This will generate energy for the plant and make it able to continuously grow and stay healthy.

Fertilizing the soil every now and again will make sure there are always nutrients present for the plant to make use of. We often only fertilize the soil for houseplants about 3 – 4 times a year. This way we are mitigating the risk of overdoing it. But we will also make sure there are always some there for the roots to take up.

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Long Pothos Plant Indoors

Are Pothos Slow Growing

The pothos plant is not a very slow-growing plant, it is in fact a very fast-growing plant. Each month it could be growing anywhere from 18 – 24 inches. This is incredibly fast compared to many other houseplants.

For us, this is one of the reasons it’s also so fun to grow it. But this is also only possible if the environment it’s growing in is very healthy. This means the plant needs enough sun each day but also needs healthy soil with plenty of nutrients and also being well watered.

Pothos Plant Growing Indoors