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Welcome to this article that will be talking about how a pothos plant might fare in direct sunlight. The plant is usually very hard and can survive conditions where the soil is very poor and access to nutrients is very limited. This makes the plant one of the better ones to keep indoors.

But keeping the plant in direct sunlight, can harm it quite severely. The only reason why you might want to is when you have overwatered the soil and need it to dry out quickly. But even then it can be a risky decision to take. 

Follow along in this article and we will reveal more information about the wonderful pothos plant. For us one of the best ones to grow at home if you are a beginner or even an experienced gardener.

Pothos Plant Growing In A Pot

Pothos In Direct Sunlight

Growing a pothos plant in direct sunlight is risky as we said at the beginning of the article. The plant could easily be sunburnt and that will create a plant that doesn’t look very good anymore.

For this reason, we want the plant to be kept in a somewhat shaded area. You can still keep the plant in a sunny window in your house. Just make sure that it gets a few hours of shade during the day at least. 

Much like most plants we strive for the pothos to get about 8 – 10 hours of the sun indoors each day. But when these numbers get out of control and then the plant could start drying out as the leaves get sunburnt.

When the plant gets sunburnt then it will have a harder time performing photosynthesis. A vital process that makes the plant able to continually grow and survive in harsh environments.

The most ideal climate for a pothos plant will be a somewhat sunny window indoors and with soil that is well watered. For us, that means the soil should be damp to the touch. The risk of overwatering is real and will quickly show up as the plant starts to turn black. 

Fertilizing the soil is also important as that will make sure it always has access to important nutrients that will help the plant thrive and always be growing.

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Pothos Plant Growing Indoors

Can Pothos Take Full Sun

The pothos plant will not be doing very well if it gets too much direct sunlight. Instead, we want the plant to at least get some shade during the day. This will help it relax a little bit and won’t cause too much stress for it. 

But with that said the plant still needs sun to survive. The leaves need to perform vital photosynthesis to even be able to grow new leaves and gain energy to do so. That can only be done when the plant is able to get sun during the day, and that is direct sunlight.

You will quickly be able to see when the plant is getting too much sun, however. It will show up by it starts to get sunburnt. The leaves will change color and start drying out. At this stage, they will likely not have a lot of time left. 

The best thing to do might be to just cut off the leaves that have been affected this way. They will not be able to perform photosynthesis and instead will be using up energy better used elsewhere.

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Pothos Plant Growing Inside

What Happens If Pothos Gets Too Much Sun

If a pothos plant is getting too much sun then it can negatively affect the plant by having the leaves start to turn brown and dry out. Often this is happening when the plant is getting direct sunlight during the day.

The best way to prevent this is to keep the plant in a spot where there is less sun during the day. Simply put, a shadier area.

Pothos Plant Growing Indoors