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Welcome to this article that will be discussing why your pothos plant might have smaller leaves growing on it. It is often caused by the environment that its growth doesn’t have enough sun each day.

This is the most common reason for smaller leaves, but it will also affect the way the plant grows. Often the result will also be a plant with a more leggy stem that can’t really support the entire plant.

Follow along in this article and we will further talk about pothos plant leaves and how you can make them have the best possible environment to grow in. For us, the pothos plant is still one of the most beginner-friendly plants to have at home both for caring for also decoration.

Small Pothos Plant

Pothos Leaves Getting Smaller

Like we said in the beginning of the article here, the pothos plant will start having issues with growth once it doesn’t get enough sun each day. This will cause the plant to grow very small leaves.

These will then start generating less energy for the plant and the whole process can spiral down to having an unhealthy plant eventually. Because of this, getting a sufficient amount of sunlight each day for the plant is very important.

We recommend that you try and make sure it gets between 8 -10 hours of light each day if you are growing it indoors. But this number goes down a bit if you are deciding to keep it outdoors instead. Here it will only require about 6 – 8 hours of sun each day. The reason for this is that the concentration of sunlight is a lot higher outside than indoors.

But this is not the only thing you need to do to make sure the pothos plant is growing strong and has larger leaves. The health of the soil is also very important. We want it to be full of nutrients. Using a fertilizer will greatly help with this. 

But choosing the right fertilizer is important. Organic is the obvious choice for us, as the long-term future of the plant will look a lot brighter then. We follow a guideline of fertilizing the soil only about 3 –  4 times each year. This will keep us from overdoing it and instead cause harm to the plant.

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Smaller Pothos Leaves

Why Are My Plant Leaves Getting Smaller

The reason a plant’s leaves might start to become smaller is often caused by not getting enough sunlight each day. But in general, it is also caused by the environment the plant is growing in is no longer very pleasant. This will greatly affect the plant and cause it to grow less.

Small leaves often come down to less sunlight each day than necessary. There is a pretty simple solution to this. The plant should be moved to a spot where there is more sun during the day. Indoors this should be a south-facing window.

But outdoors you might just have to rearrange the garden to make sure you are growing a healthy pothos plant. Without enough sunlight, the plant will not only be growing smaller leaves but the stem of the plant will be leggier. 

In the long term, this can be an issue as the base or spine of the plant becomes less stable.

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Pothos Leaves Growing Outside

How Do You Make Pothos Leaves Grow Bigger

Making the pothos plant grow larger leaves will often come down to making sure the plant is getting enough sun each day. In most cases, people will be keeping the plant indoors. This could make it tricky to get enough sunlight each day.

We follow the rule of making sure our plants get about 8 – 10 hours of light each day. This will keep them in a healthy state and also grow larger and bigger leaves. The overall look of the plant will also be bushier.

Pothos Plant Growing Indoors