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Welcome to this article that will be talking about how you could be keeping a pothos plant in a fish tank together with betta fish. You might think that the plant will rapidly expand and soon overtake space and steal all the nutrients.

But the fact is that the pothos plant will actually keep very well in a fish tank with a betta and above all want to cause a lot of harm either. It’s a fantastic and beautiful plant to have at home. 

Follow along and we will be diving deeper into growing a pothos plant in a fish tank. For us, it’s the perfect fit for any fish tank out there. It provides a beautiful plant to have growing in there but also provides cover for the betta fish as well.

Pothos Plant Growing In The Sun

Pothos In Betta Tank

Like we said at the beginning of the article here the pothos plant is a great addition to a betta fish tank. It will not be causing any harm and won’t spread easily either. It will become a stable part of the vegetable part of the tank.

We find that growing the pothos in a fish tank provides plenty of benefits other than just looking very pretty. It will also be able to provide cover for the fish living in the fish tank.

Another functioning part of growing a pothos plant in a fish tank is that it will remove nitrates from the water. That is something that a lot of other plants can really do. This is one of the reasons we really enjoy growing the pothos plant.

The nitrates could otherwise harm the fish living there a lot. It will cause sickness and make them have a hostile environment to live in. Here the pothos plant really is a saint.

But we also enjoy the pothos plant in a betta tank for the fact it’s basically zero maintenance with it. The nutrients it needs will be found in the water by having the fish do its business there. This will keep you having a thriving pothos plant no matter what the conditions are.

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Pothos Plant Leaves Outside

Can I Put Pothos In My Fish Tank

As we have already been talking about here in this article the pothos plant is a great addition to any fish tank. it will provide plenty of benefits. 

Some of these include looking great and giving your fish tank new decoration. But it will also be removing harmful nitrates from the water that otherwise might harm the fish living there. 

The betta fish will also really want to have some cover when living in a fish tank. Here the pothos plant will be able to provide that as well. So for use, this is a great addition for any fish tank out there that has betta fish living in it.

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Pothos Plant Growing Indoors

Pothos Destroyed My Aquarium

A pothos plant will often not cause damage to an aquarium. The plant has a hard time spreading and will instead stay stable and provide cleaner water for the fish to live in.

The downside of having a pothos plant in a fish tank is that it’s almost too stable. It will be hard to get rid of once you have started to grow it. But this doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing for the aquarium. The problem comes when you plant too many of them in the same small spot. Then it can overtake and create a hostile environment for the fish to live in.

Pothos Plant Growing In A Pot