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Welcome to this post about the smell of eucalyptus and if it’s any good. The truth is that general consensus is that the tree smells very good. It is used widely in an array of different products for home use.

In this article, we will be talking more about the smell and in what products it’s often used in. It’s a special and very unique smell so sometimes it needs some getting used to.

We will also talk about what makes it smell very good and if you have a tree at home, some tips and tricks to have a more fragrant tree.

Eucalyptus Cutting In The Garden

Does Eucalyptus Smell Good

Eucalyptus smells very good and is used in a lot of different products in the household to have a better smell. The smell is often associated with mint and evergreen aromas. It has a crisp and coolness to it that is the reason a lot of people love it.

Some of the products that you can find in our room are diffusers, body oils, scented candles, and even soap. It seems a lot of use for the fragrance it brings to the table.

Eucalyptus is actually a pretty easy tree to extract to get the flavor from. The leaves of the tree are what you would use to flavor a product. Here there is a large percentage of natural oils that contain the flavor of the eucalyptus tree.

We also mentioned some ways to make a eucalyptus tree smell and give off more aromas. We find that a happy and thriving tree will produce better leaves that smell more.

To have a thriving tree we want it to get a lot of sun during the day and also get a lot of water. But just make sure that the soil is very well draining to not run the risk of having the roots start to rot. 

Most of the eucalyptus trees will be growing in the California area. Here the tree has really established itself in recent years and shows great potential for growing and thriving here. As it originates from Australia it has found a similar home here. 

The best thing about eucalyptus is the fact it grows very quickly and therefore can provide a lot more harvests during the year.

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Eucalyptus Tree Flowering Outside

Why Does My Eucalyptus Not Smell

A eucalyptus tree that doesn’t smell is not a very common issue. The tree does smell a lot from the start and is one of the most fragrant things you can grow at home. 

The reason for not smelling is probably the condition of the tree. If there are not sufficient amounts of water in the soil around it then the tree can produce and grow leaves. These are what will contain the aromas of eucalypts in the form of natural oils.

A good tip is that you could try and use some fertilizers that make the soil healthy again. This can really boost your plant and make it grow better and faster during the season.

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Eucalyptus Tree Flowering Outdoors

Does Eucalyptus Make Your House Smell Good

A eucalyptus tree will definitely make your house smell better if you appreciate the minty and slightly evergreen flavor that it brings.

The best thing about growing a eucalyptus tree indoors is that you will need to cut and prune it very often. This means lots of cuttings you can place in a vase and bring some fragrance to any room that you want in your house. 

Placing it in a vase with water will have it stay good for almost 2 weeks before starting to wilt.

Flowering Eucalyptus Tree