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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why you might be seeing your ficus tree leaves starting to fold in half. This issue is pretty common during the summer actually, because access to water for the tree will be more scarce.

The roots of the tree are what is draining the water and then pass that onto the rest of the tree so it can continue to grow. But when there is a lot of water present, then the tree will begin to get stressed, causing the leaves to start folding in half.

Below in this article, we will be talking about ficus trees and some of the things you should know about growing and cultivating this wonderful tree. It’s actually a great option if you are a beginner since the tree is pretty straightforward to take care of.

Ficus Tree Leaves In The Garden

Ficus Leaves Folded In Half

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article already, the ficus tree will start having the leaves fold when it’s getting stressed. There are many things that can cause it to get stressed, but in this specific case, it’s about the watering of the tree.

There is an imbalance causing the roots to not always be able to supply the rest of the tree. This makes it very difficult for it to both grow but also be able to maintain the size it currently has.

You might wonder then what the ideal water content should be for the soil. We have found during the years of growing the ficus tree that the ideal soil should be slightly damp

This makes it very important to water just enough until we reach this point. If we go too far then you will instead see the leaves start falling off as the roots are being overwatered

Watering the tree will be especially important during the summer as the temperatures are much higher and the humidity can go up and down quite a bit too. These shifts are also something that will add stress to the ficus tree. Using some fertilizer might be a good idea since it will boost the nutrition in the soil. When there might be a lack of water, the tree should be strong enough to withstand longer periods of it.

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Large Ficus Tree In The Garden

Why Are My Ficus Tree Leaves Curling

Like we already said in the segment above here, the ficus tree will begin to have a change in the leaves when it’s starting to get stressed. The reasons for the tree starting to get stressed can be quite a few.

But the most common one for this specific problem is the tree getting an imbalance of watering. This is something very important to keep track of during the summer. The higher temperatures make it more difficult for water to stay in the soil. Eventually, the roots might start drying out so we need to supply water ourselves instead then.

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Ficus Tree In The Sunlight

How Do I Know If My Ficus Is Dying

A very good tell that the ficus tree is starting to die is that the leaves are changing to black instead. That often happens when the roots have been severely overwatered and it’s been going on for a while.

When there’s too much water in the soil oxygen can travel through properly and reach the roots. This eventually starts drowning them and that will show up above the soil as the leaves turn black instead.

Ficus Tree Growing In The Sun