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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why your ficus tree might not be growing anymore. This is a rather common issue really since especially for new gardeners, getting the best environment for it might be difficult.

The ficus tree doesn’t really have a very specific climate it needs to grow and flourish in. But there are some basic things we need to make sure we have covered so we aren’t risking having any diminishing growth on the tree. These basic steps include watering the tree and also finding a sunny spot for the tree too.

Follow along in the article below here and we will continue to learn about the ficus tree. It’s a very rewarding tree to have to grow at home in the garden. A great option if you want a beautiful and decorative tree in your garden at home.

Ficus Tree Growing In The Garden

Ficus Not Growing

If you read the first segment here, we mentioned that in order to get the tree to grow properly there are some basic things we need to get right. These include watering the soil and also ensuring the tree has access to sunlight too.

As for making sure the soil is right, we need to both look and feel the soil. We have found throughout the years of growing a ficus tree that it really likes it when the soil is kept damp to slightly dry.

To make sure you get the soil as it should be then we recommend watering in small amounts at a time. That will help us stay away from overwatering the roots which otherwise would cause them to start rotting. 

A pro tip would be to use some fertilizer for the soil. That will help boost the nutritional value of the soil. If the tree isn’t having any noticeable growth then adding fertilizer to the soil might be the solution.

We said that the tree also needs sunlight and plenty of it too. We recommend finding an area where the tree can get about 8 – 10 hours of sunlight outside each day. That will make sure the leaves are able to perform photosynthesis. That is a vital process where the sunlight is transformed into energy instead. 

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Ficus Tree Leaves Growing

How Do You Help A Struggling Ficus

The best start to helping a struggling ficus tree is to try and identify what the issue might be. Since the ficus tree doesn’t have a lot of requirements for the type of soil it needs to be growing in then it really narrows it down.

Either the soil isn’t right. Try to keep the soil slightly damp and also add some fertilizer to it so the health and growth of the ficus tree can be improved. But also ensuring that the tree has enough sunlight. We recommend reserving an area in your garden that gets at least 8 – 10 hours of sunlight each day.

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How Do I Encourage My Ficus To Grow

The best way to make sure your ficus tree can really grow is to look at the soil. As we have mentioned plenty of times already, the soil should be slightly damp. But making sure there is nutrition in there is really what makes the difference.

If you can’t get your hands on some manure then using fertilizer from any gardening store will do a good job too. Sometimes the roots might not have an easy time getting the necessary nutrition so we need to help them a little bit.

Ficus Tree In The Sunlight