Gnats In Peace Lily

Welcome to this article that will be talking about what the small gnats are on the peace lily. It’s something called fungus gnats. These are not particularly common thankfully as they can start doing quite a lot of damage if left without anything dones.

The peace lily is a pretty hardy plant and will be able to withstand a lot of rough times. But when we start seeing these gnats that often means the plant will begin to mold, like the name suggested.

Below we will continue to talk about the peace lily and what some of the best techniques are for cultivating it. The plant is a great option for beginners to start out with, much because of the simplicity of growing in and maintaining a healthy plant.

Peace Liliy Flower
Peace Lily Flower

Gnats In Peace Lily

Like we mentioned in the beginning of the article previously, the peace lily will have something called fungus gnats growing and feeding on the plant. It can be a really serious issue if it’s left without something done about it.

The small gnats are insects that will start feeding on the roots of the plant. As you might be aware the roots are one of the most important parts of the plant to treat well. Without healthy roots the plant will have a very hard time getting any nutrition and energy from the soil.

You might be asking what the conditions are that make the gnats start to appear and grow on the plant. We have found that overwatering and creating a too humid environment in the soil is what seems to make them appear.

This is also a very harmful environment for the roots already. The roots like to grow in a soil which is kept damp but also well draining. They need oxygen in order to be able to survive but also to prosper and continue to grow and grow.

The best fix for this might actually be to repot the plant. It will give the plant a new chance and opportunity to grow somewhere else. The new soil should not be that well watered, otherwise you are just moving the plant to a new and just as harmful environment.

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Can You Spray Vinegar On Peace Lily

You should not be spraying any vinegar on your peace lily. There is a lot of acidity in vinegar and that will have a harmful effect on the plant. When you are spraying vinegar on there you will see a lower pH which causes miss coloring.

The parts where the vinegar was sprayed on will soon start wilting as a low pH is not a very great climate for the plant. You might see other parts of the plant starting to wilt as well.

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Peace Lily Plant
Peace Lily Plant

Why Does Peace Lily Keep Getting Gnats

If you read the beginning paragraph here then we mentioned that the reason you are seeing gnats appearing on your peace lily is too humid of an environment. This is often caused by an overwatering of the soil.

We recommend trying to keep the texture of the soil slightly damp in order to still keep oxygen traveling through the soil. This will keep the growth of the plant stable and the roots will still be intact if something happens.

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