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Welcome to this article that will be talking about how you can grow a gray aloe vera at home. This amazing houseplant comes in a variety of different shades and colors. Therefore we can decide on exactly the one we want to have at home that will match the interior design we have.

The gray aloe vera plant will grow much in the same way as a normal one. The speed and the look will not be that different. It’s simply another color and look of the plant.

Follow along in this article and we will together learn even more about growing this amazing plant that everyone should have at home. We will here share our knowledge of growing it from seed and the best methods for taking care of it.

Aloe Vera Plant Growing In The Sun

Grey Aloe Vera

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article here, the aloe vera plant is a great one to have at home as it is a beautiful house plant for decoration and whatnot. But it is also extremely easy to take care of and requires little to no work.

Growing it from seed is a great way to see the whole process of the plant. It might however be a little bit hard to find the seeds for the plants but any well-sorted gardening store should be able to supply you with these seeds.

You can plant the seeds directly in a pot with soil that is well draining. This means that there should be a small hole in the bottom where the excess water can leak out. This will protect the roots from drowning if you ever were to overwater the soil accidentaly.

Other than that you need to think of where you want to place the plant. We often recommend that you seek out a sunny spot in your house where the plant will have no issues getting about 8 hours of light each day. That is the guideline we follow with all our plants that are kept indoors. Outdoors that number goes down a little bit.

After about a month or so you should be able to see some signs of life above the soil. The seed has now sprouted and is ready to continue and grow. It will with time start to develop new leaves that will shape it into the iconic shape the aloe vera plant has.

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Aloe Vera Plant Growing In A Garden

Bumps On Aloe Plant

If you are seeing bumps on your aloe vera plant then you might have some insects attacking it. They are gathering up on the leaves of the plant and will start to eat away if you just leave them like they are.

Note that it is rather rare to have this happen actually. It is often caused by the plant being in a very stressed state where the soil might not be very well watered or rich in nutrients. It will create an easier target because of this for the insects to start infesting the plant.

The best solution to this is to just remove the leaves that you see are starting to have these issues. That will hopefully remove and contain the problem. The aloe vera plant will be stressed because of this so it’s important that you keep the plant in a place where it really can grow as it should. Meaning plenty of suns and soil that has been fertilized.

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Small Aloe Vera Plant Indoors

Aloe Vera Spikes

The aloe vera plant will be developing some small spikes as a defense mechanism against certain types of insects or even birds. Much like the cactus plant it will develop these when the environment becomes difficult to grow in and hostile.

It’s not a bad sign that these are growing, as sometimes with age the plant will simply start developing them. In our opinion, it adds a nice look to the aloe vera plant.

Aloe Vera Plant Growing Outdoors