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Welcome to this post that will talk about whether you can expect your dill to come back next year. As a short answer, dill will live for two years and will then of course come back the next year after you have sown it. But if you want to keep it for longer then you need to collect some of the seeds and sow for the next season.

Either that or doing completely new seedlings. In this article we will discuss some of the best ways to make sure your dill plant lives a happy two years and you get as much harvest as possible.

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Will Dill Keep Coming Back

We did already reveal the answer in the beginning of this article if you will get your dill back the next year. In most cases if you have taken care of it well it will come back for the next year. It lives for only 2 though so keep that in mind. Then you need to collect the seeds or buy from the store and sow new seedlings. SInce it only lives for two year we want to make the most of this time obviously. That’s why this article will talk about what dill really likes to grow fast.

One of the most important things for any plant is the access to sunlight. This is the energy that makes it grow bigger and better. Without it you won’t have nearly the same abundance as growing something indoors under UV light. Outdoors we want the plant to get at least 6 – 8 hours of light every day. Making sure it gets that for the vast majority of the season will ensure its return the next year. It keeps us happy and thriving.

Another important factor in keeping your dill plant healthy is the soil. Dill really likes to grow a lot when the soil is kept moist and damp at all times. The best way to know when you need to water is to just look at the soil. If it’s dry to the touch then some water will do it good. But make sure that the water is not staying at the surface of the soil.

If it does then you most likely don’t have very good drainage in the soil. If this occurs then you need to be very careful not to water too much, here less will be more. The roots can quickly start to rot otherwise. 

Dill Plant Flowering Outside

How Do You Keep Dill Growing All Season?

Pruning and cutting is another important factor in maintaining the growth of your dill. It might sound counter productive to cut it and expect it to grow more. But it’s true. It works by cutting off a stem where you can see new growth coming out. It’s the formula of cutting off one stem and having two new ones grow out.

I want to reiterate again on what we have been talking about here. Dill will only really live for two years at the most. So keeping it happy and thriving the first year will ensure it comes back for a second round. Another tip I want to include is that you can pretty much fully cut it down at the end of the season to get the most from it.

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