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Welcome to this article that will be talking about how you can grow an aloe vera plant hydroponically and some of the tips and tricks that come along with doing this. It’s a very exciting project that you can take on.

But this method might not be viable for all people as setting up the hydroponic methods is rather time-consuming and expensive sometimes. It should be noted that the way the aloe vera plant grows is really not that different. It won’t become larger or smaller if you have it hydroponically.

Follow along in the article here below if you are interested in trying out something like this. It is really a great way of seeing some great results and a new way of caring for your plants.

Small Aloe Vera Plant In The Garden

Growing Aloe Vera Hydroponically

When growing an aloe vera plant hydroponically then we really also need to make sure we have a healthy plant to start with. We can use this method to grow it from just a seed, nothing would really happen except for us wasting a lot of time and energy.

You can grow it yourself but then you will have to wait at least 2 years until the plant has grown large enough that it can be transplanted into the hydroponics system. Therefore a quicker method might be to buy an already-grown aloe vera plant from a garden store. Most of them should already carry a large selection of different aloe vera plants, all of which grow basically the same way.

When you have a healthy aloe vera plant you need to remove it from the soil and soak it overnight. Dig the plant up and prepare a container that is filled with water. You should be able to stand the aloe vera upwards and let the root system stay underwater. 

The next day you can rinse off the remaining dirt and soil from the root ball. Now it’s ready to be planted in your hydroponic setup. Here it will have a slow start probably as it is getting ready to enjoy its new home.

But with time and patience, you will have a happy aloe vera plant that will grow more or less the same way as a normal one in a traditional pot with soil.

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Aloe Vera Plant Growing In The Sun

Can You Grow Aloe In Leca

You can absolutely grow an aloe vera plant in a pot with leca. The leca has a great reason behind why it might be used. It lets a lot of oxygen into the soil that then reaches the root system and makes it easier for it to expand and grow even further. 

But we want to mention that you should try to use the leca at the bottom of the pot and have normal potting soil on the top. The leca adds a lot of oxygen flow in the soil but not a whole lot of stability for the plant.

We need to find a balance because of that and a ratio of 1 part leca and 2 parts of regular soil seems to work the best. Be aware as well that the leca will soak up quite a lot of water. So overwatering might be easier because of this. Having a look at the soil before you water will be the best way to ensure you are risking anything with your plant.

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Aloe Vera Plant Growing Inside

Can Aloe Vera Live Without Soil

It is actually rather surprising for a lot of people that the aloe vera plant can actually be grown indoors without any soil whatsoever. As we have already talked about in this article the plant can grow in a hydroponics way.

But it can also be grown solely in leca balls. But the stability of these can be discussed. Nonetheless, the aloe vera plant is one of few that are able to be grown in a pot without any soil.

Aloe Vera Plant Growing Indoors