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Welcome to this article that will be discussing why a money tree might be having a dead trunk or even a trunk that is starting to die. This can become a real issue as the process of growing is halted and the plant is instead slowly decomposing back into the soil.

The reason why something like this might be happening is that the plant has been overwatered and the root system is right now being drowned and with time will start rotting. But it can also be caused by the tree being underwater and dehydrated

Follow along in this article and we will dive even more in-depth into the topic of caring for your money tree and the best practices for it. It is despite issues like this one of the best beginner-friendly houseplants to have at home.

Money Tree Growing Inside

Money Tree Dead Trunk

Just like we mentioned at the beginning of the article here, the money tree will be experiencing a significant amount of hardship if the soil that it’s growing in is not well suited for it.

That means that it’s no longer a friendly environment for the plant. That is often caused by it either being too wet or too dry. Overwatering and underwatering can become serious issues when it comes to the money tree. We, therefore, need to be aware of the needs of the plant and what we should do when something happens.

We find that the money tree grows the absolute best when it has soil that is damp. That will greatly limit the root system’s chance of drying up or drowning. It will keep the tree from halting growth and death.

But making sure there is plenty of nutrition in the soil is also very important. That means we shouldn’t be letting it just grow and never add any fertilizers. That is actually a very important part of gardening. The soil is the source of health for the plant.

When you see that the money tree has a trunk that is slowly going bad then we need to act rather quickly and look at the conditions the soil is in. Often this will be the culprit for anything happening to the tree.

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Small Flowering Money Tree

Can You Bring A Dead Money Tree Back To Life

When a plant has died then the possibility to bring it back is unfortunately zero. The life in the plant is not there anymore and we instead need to get rid of it and start all over.

But you can save a dying money tree. We will always try to recreate the regular condition that the money tree likes to grow in. That means a humid environment where the soil is damp and the temperatures are never kept too low.

Making sure the plant has this all the time will make it a lot easier to have a healthy plant at home growing and you might just save yourself a lot of time having to grow a new one.

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Money Tree Leaves Growing Inside

Can A Money Tree Grow A New Trunk

If the upper part of your money tree is having issues and it dies off then you can remove that part and hopefully, you will have some new growth coming forth. The root system is in most cases the strongest part of any plant.

We can hope that the root system on your money tree is strong enough to support some new growth coming forth. But make sure you keep the plant in the correct environment and you should soon see results.

Money Tree Growing In A Pot