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Welcome to this post that will be discussing why a money tree might start to see a lot of white leaves appearing on it. The most common reason for this ever happening is pretty simple, there is too much light reaching the tree.

The money tree doesn’t really like a whole lot of light and the conditions should instead be very humid and low in sunlight reaching it. This makes the plant a great one to have at home. 

The money tree can very easily fill up any empty space that you might want to have something lively growing in. We believe this houseplant is one of the better to have at home growing, especially if you are a beginner getting into gardening.

Small Money Tree Growing Inside

Money Tree Leaves Turning White

As we already revealed at the beginning of the article here, the money tree plant will have plenty of white leaves if there is too much sun reaching the plant. That is what causes these outbursts and an overall weird look on the plant.

Whenever we are growing something we want to ensure that the absolute best conditions are met. In the case of the money tree that means the humidity should be very high and the soil it’s growing in should be rather damp.

This has been proven to make for the best-growing money trees. But there should also not be a whole lot of sunlight reaching the tree here. Some plants do better without sunlight and money trees are one of them. For us, that’s a big bonus as we can fill out more places in our home with plants.

What are some of the signs then you can be looking for to make sure there isn’t any harm coming to your money tree? The first one is looking at the soil. It should never be too dry. That will cause a lot of stress to the root system as they aren’t able to get enough water from the soil to support the growth of the plant.

One last thing that can affect the color is temperature shifts, and drastic ones. That will stress the plant a lot and cause miss coloring on it.

If the trunk of your money tree is starting to turn very soft then there might be some issues you need to deal with. In this article we will be discussing just that, Money Tree Trunk Soft.

Money Tree Leaves Taking In The Sunlight

Why Is My Money Tree Losing Color

The leaves on a money tree can begin to turn white instead of the shining green that they normally have. That is often caused by there being too much sunlight reaching the plant. We need to make sure the natural conditions that the plant excels in are met. In the case here, that means stable temperatures and low sunlight.

The overall color of the plant might even be affected if there is too much sunlight. It can start affecting the color of the trunk even. But there is another thing that really indicates the health of your money tree. That is a stable enough temperature, something we touched on briefly above here. 

The temperatures need to be stable, during both day and night. Because of that, the money tree fits best to grow indoors all year long. Regular room temperatures are perfectly fine, even though in the wild it normally grows in a very warm one.

If your trunk seems to live as it died on your money tree then you might want to read this article right here, Money Tree Dead Trunk.

Small Money Tree Growing In The Sun

Why Are My Plant Leaves Turning White

We have already revealed the answers to this question in the article here. Whenever there is too much sunlight reaching the tree then that will have a very bad effect as the leaves are turning white.

The sunlight is negatively interacting with the way the tree is growing. Protecting it from too much sunlight should definitely be a priority.

Money Tree Growing In A Pot