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Welcome to this article that will be talking about why the trunk of a money tree might start to become soft. Whenever you are noticing this you need to act rather quickly as the tree is probably in some danger.

The roots of the plant are either starting to rot or have become very dehydrated. That will then show up above the soil as the trunk is turning soft and eventually will die. The tricky part is noticing this though as all the actions will take place underneath the soil.

Follow along in this article right here and we will learn even more about growing and caring for a money tree. It is in our opinion one of the best and most beginner-friendly plants to keep at home.

Money Tree Leaves Growing

Money Tree Trunk Soft

As we have already been talking about here, the money tree will start to grow a very soft trunk when the conditions of soil are no longer good. We mentioned that when the roots are rotting or when they have dehydrated the trunk of the plant will become softer.

We, therefore, need to have a look at the soil. Is it almost like mud? Then the roots are probably rotting as an effect of being overwatered. Even though the plant likes to grow in very wet and damp soil, it is possible to overdo this quite a lot. 

Being careful here is very important. When the soil becomes overwatered there is less oxygen traveling through it and that then makes surviving for the roots a lot harder. But on the other hand, when the soil becomes too dry then the roots will become very stressed as they can’t get enough nutrition, and that in turn makes the growth of the plant slow down.

You might ask yourself then what the best conditions to be growing a money tree might be. Well, we will always try to mimic the natural conditions the plant has in the wild. Here it likes a spot that is high in humidity and barely gets any sun. 

The temperature needs to be very stable as well as that will cause less stress on the entire plant. Otherwise, the leaves might start to turn white or discolored.

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Money Tree Growing In A Pot

Why Is My Money Tree Trunk Hollow

When a money tree is becoming hollow then there is something bad going on with the plant and we need to act rather quickly. This will normally only happen when bacteria have infested the tree and are eating it from the inside.

But it can also be caused by overwatering. The roots are leading straight up the trunk and to the main stem of the tree. When the roots no longer can support nutrition then this line of growth is slowed down and needs to be resupplied.

Having a very fertile and well-watered but also well-draining soil is what we find to be the best for ensuring the health of the money tree. If we slip up with any of this then we will at least see the results pretty evidently.

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Money Tree Growing In A Pot

How Do You Revive A Dying Money Tree

When a money tree is dying then you need to act quickly. Have a look at the soil and the conditions for that. We need to make sure the soil is too rich in water or too dry.

Keep it in a temperature-stable spot and one that doesn’t have a lot of sunlight reaching it. That will hopefully make your money tree happy again and it can keep going strong.

Money Tree Growing In A Pot