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Welcome to this post that will be talking about why the new leaves on your money tree might be drooping. That is actually most commonly caused by the soil being overwatered or underwatered.

Getting the watering right really is a balancing act. The soil is of course where the roots are and when they are not living in a place where they can grow rather easily then the overall health of the entire plant will be in danger.

Follow along in this article right here and we will be diving even deeper into the topic of caring for your money tree. It is in our opinion one of the best ones for beginners to start out with. 

Money Tree Growing In A Pot

Money Tree New Leaves Drooping

As we have already said at the beginning of the article here, the money tree is one of those that will really show when something is wrong. If there is too much sunlight on the plant then that will make the leaves turn white and the trunk will start to become paler.

But when it comes to the leaves drooping that is often caused by the roots being stressed for either overwatering or underwatering. These are some serious things when it comes to this plant.

When there isn’t enough water in the soil the roots will stress as they can’t get enough nutrients to support the overall growth of the entire plant. We, therefore, need to find that perfect balance of not being underwater or overwatered.

The soil should ideally be somewhat damp. That will create the most environment-friendly for the roots. When the soil has been overwatered you should pretty clearly see that. The texture of the soil will almost be like mud. Here it’s important not to add any more water.

Normally a great method to use is to let the plant stay in the sun more to let the soil dry out. But the leaves will just turn white and might even die off. So here we just have to wait and see, hoping that the root system is strong enough to survive.

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Money Tree Plant In The Garden

Why Are The New Leaves On My Money Tree Curling

When the leaves on a money tree are starting to curl the most common cause will often be because of a lack of water and the humidity being too low. These are all things that the money tree doesn’t appreciate as it doesn’t really match the natural environment it’s used to grow in.

But another factor for the leaves curling is that the temperature at the plant is growing is changing a lot from day to day. This causes plenty of stress to the plant and will show up in the leaves curling.

To fix these issues we need a good place for the plant to grow in. You might have figured out already what that might be by the reasons we laid out. A high-humidity environment that doesn’t get a lot of sunlight and soil that is kept moist will all do the trick.

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Money Tree Growing In A Pot

Money Tree New Growth

To get new growth on your money tree there are a few things we can do. First, one is that we cut branches and hope for new ones to come forth. That will hopefully make it have a better appearance.

Make sure the right conditions are met as well with this as the plant will experience a lot of stress when you cut off parts of the plant.

Money Tree Growing Inside