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Welcome to this post that will be discussing why a money tree might not be having any root system. This is a pretty rare occurrence as almost every single plant will need some roots in order to extract nutrition and energy and then pass that on and continue to grow further.

You should be worried however if the overall health of your tree seems good. Then there might just be a wired modification with the plant. Transplanting the tree might be a good idea that could trigger the tree to start growing new roots.

Follow along in this article and we will together learn even more about growing this fascinating plant. If you are a beginner with gardening then this is a great option if you are looking to add something to your indoor garden.

Money Tree Leaves Taking In The Sun

Money Tree No Roots

As we have already mentioned a little bit here, the money tree has the possibility of not growing roots. But you should really be worried unless the health of the plant seems to deteriorate. Then you might have to do something.

Things like this often go unnoticed however as the roots are hidden under the ground and it’s not often we dig around it and examine the roots. But when the health seems good then there isn’t really anything you should have to worry about. The plant will probably conure to grow the way it does.

Make sure the soil is kept rather damp and well drained. There will always be some roots for the tree, otherwise, it wouldn’t support itself. So ensuring that these roots are really healthy and well taken care of will be very important

To cause as little stress as possible we can also make sure there is not an excess of sunlight reaching the plant. That is also a very common reason why a money tree might start and have discoloration which essentially is stress.

A fun thing you could try is to transplant the tree and hope for it to kickstart new roots growing. But the likelihood might be very low, and the risk of stressing out the plant too much is very high.

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Money Tree Growing In The Sun

Why Does My Money Tree Not Have Roots

Just like we have already talked about here in the article, when a money tree isn’t growing any roots it’s normally not a sign that something bad is happening. Instead, it might just be that the plant has started to run out of space.

That’s a rather common occurrence with the older money trees as they continue to get larger and larger. With time they will slow down their growth and instead focus on just balancing between getting nutrition and surviving.

Perhaps you missed one of the solutions we had to make sure that a money tree starts to grow roots again. Replanting it in a new pot might trigger it to start doing so. But note that there is a risk of stressing the plant as it’s introduced to a completely new environment.

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Money Tree Growing Inside

Can A Money Tree Regrow Roots

The roots of a money tree can definitely be regrown. The plant is one of the hardest you could have growing at home. Therefore we really enjoy keeping it and often recommend it to beginners getting into gardening.

The tree requires little work. Making sure the soil is not running dry and that not too much sunlight reaches the plant is about the only thing you will need to manage.

Money Tree Growing In A Pot