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Welcome to this post that will be talking about why a money tree might start to get sunburnt. The money tree is unlike a lot of other plants not very fond of the sun. It will not have a very good effect on it and instead will just cause it to be harmed and cause stress.

Ensuring that there is not a large amount of sun ever reaching the plant is therefore very important here. Normally plants will need about 8 hours of sun each day. But here about 2 – 3 hours is plenty enough, more than that will just have a negative effect.

If you continue and read here then we will be discussing even more about this fantastic houseplant and how you can properly take care of it. It’s a low-maintenance plant that has a lot of beauty and decorative ability indoors.

Money Tree Growing In A Pot

Money Tree Sunburn

Just like we already mentioned a little bit at the beginning of the article here, the money tree is one of those plants that really doesn’t like to get a lot of sun on it. It will require a little bit each day, but nowhere near the same as a lot of other plants out there. 

Because of that, we need to play into what the money tree needs and wants. You will in almost all cases keep the money tree indoors. Here we only really want it to get about 2 – 3 hours each day. That will be plenty for it to get enough nutrients to perform photosynthesis and generate energy.

What are the signs then of a sunburnt money tree leaf? Well in the case here it will be about the color of the leaf. If it’s starting to turn very pale or even white in color then you can make a very good guess it’s been sunburnt.

What should you be doing when a money tree is starting to have leaves that are sunburnt? Well, the first and foremost thing will be to make sure the plant doesn’t get nearly as much as it’s currently getting.

But watering the leaves might also be a good idea as they won’t be turning green again. Getting rid of them will make the plant a lot prettier to look at and hopefully healthy again.

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Small Money Tree Plant Growing Inside

How Do You Save A Sunburn Money Tree

Saving a sunburnt money tree can be a rather difficult task as the harm has already been done pretty severely. But thankfully the steps for making it happen are very straightforward.

The plant simply needs to get out of the sunlight to have it back on track again growing like normal. We mentioned some of the times that the plant needs in terms of sunlight. Indoors where most of the money trees are grown, about 2 – 3 hours will be enough.

Getting rid of the leaves on the plant might also be a great thing to do. This will leave room for new green leaves to hopefully come forth again. But note that if a lot of leaves have been sunburnt, then that might cause too much stress.

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Money Tree Growing In A Pot

Should I Remove Scorched Leaves Money Tree

You should definitely be removing the scorched leaves from your money tree. But only if there are a few of them and not the entire plant. That will instead just cause too much unnecessary stress to the plant.

The plant is a very sturdy one and will hopefully be able to regrow new ones rather quickly. If you are having these issues then you need to keep it away from too much sunlight as that is what’s causing these things from the beginning.

Money Tree Growing In A Pot