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Welcome to this article that will be talking about how you can fix a money tree that might be growing in a leaning way. That is a rather common problem with growing the plant. 

As it is very easily affected by too much sunlight then it will instead grow in a leggy way. The plant is searching for the light somewhat, and like you might have seen with a lot of herbs like basil and parsley, they can do the same thing. The plant is essentially not getting enough sunlight and is stressed, which causes that learning growth.

Follow along in this article and we will be learning even more about this topic and why some money trees might be facing issues when it comes to growth. This is one of the best ones to be growing at home as it has little to no maintenance.

Money Tree Growing Leaves

Money Tree Leaning Over

As we already revealed at the beginning of the article here, the plant is a very low maintenance one, but it can still have some issues. One of them is that it grows in a very learning fashion.

To fix this we need to do a few things. One of them is that the plant is not getting enough sunlight. Whenever a plant is leaning or bending a lot, that is often a very good indicator that it’s not growing the way it should be.

The lack of sunlight causes the plant to try and seek more light in order to be able to perform photosynthesis, the vital process that creates energy for the plant. You might wonder then what the necessary amount of sunlight each day is then for the money tree. Well, we always follow the rule of 2 -3 hours with plants like this.

If your plant is getting that amount but continues to grow very leggy and lean then it might be worth trying a sunnier spot. Sometimes, depending on the conditions there are variables in what the plant actually wants to grow in.

The negative part of when a plant grows this way is not only that the shape will be off, but the support of the plant. When it grows leaning and leggy instead of growing at width then it will struggle in not breaking. This can become a serious concern if this continues to happen.

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Money Tree Flowering Inside

How Do You Fix A Leaning Money Tree

We have already put forth some solutions to fixing a money tree that is growing this way. The first one is to bump up the hours of sunlight the plant is getting. Try and get about 4 – 6 hours or so.

That will hopefully help the plant a lot wider instead of just taller. That can in time cause a lot of imbalances where it can eventually support itself. The lack of sunlight is what causes the plant to try and reach for a light source, which causes it to lean.

It will take plenty of time to fix this and revert it back to what it once was, but with patience, you will have a pretty money tree once again. Just make sure you back up these longer days with the sun with some watering of the soil too.

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Money Tree Growing In A Pot

Why Is My Money Tree Bending

Like we have already laid out in this article here, the reason a money tree, or any plant for that matter is starting to bend and lean is caused by a lack of sunlight. The plant is getting stressed as it’s trying to reach for the sun.

Lack of sunlight makes it harder to perform photosynthesis, a vital part of generating energy for itself. The plant will with time deteriorate and die off if nothing is changed in the environment it’s growing.

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