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Dill Plant Growing In The Garden

Welcome to this post about what you can do with all the leftover dill stalks you might get. These can sometimes be hard to find a use for, either culinary or in the garden. In this article we will discuss some of the best ways to make full use of your dill plant, and especially the stalks.

One of our favorite ways of using them is by using them in homemade vegetable stocks or in sauces and soups. It provides wonderful aromas and flavors. Follow along to discover even more ways.

If you are growing dill in a pot and wonder what the best way is to harvest it then we have written up a dedicated article that will answer some of the most common questions regarding this. You can find it here, How Do You Harvest Dill From Plants?

Dill Growing In The Garden

What Do You Do With Dill Stalks

Like we said in the beginning paragraph to this article. Some of the best ways to use dill stalks are in the kitchen. They provide fantastic flavors for soups and broths. Something we try to do a lot in our household is making stocks every other week or so. If I ever have leftover dill stalks they go straight in there. It’s a fantastic way of using all that you have grown and taken care of.

Dill stalks are pretty sturdy and will keep good for at least a couple of weeks in the fridge actually. So stashing up on a few of them for later use can be a very good idea. When we harvest from the plant we often cut off the entire stalk and then pull off whatever we might want to use. The best storage for the dill after this is by keeping it in a container on some dry paper.

If you don’t want to use the stalks in cooking, maybe because of the taste. They are generally a bit more mature or stronger in taste. Dill stalks can definitely be used in a compost at home. Even though they are fairly woody they will eventually decompose and provide healthy bacteria and nutrition for your compost. This can then be used as fertilizer for the next year’s growing of dill plants. Now we really have gone full circle with gardening.

Dill Stems Laying Inside

Which Parts Of The Dill Plants Are Edible?

The tastiest part of the dill are the small shoots coming out of the stems. But that’s not the only edible part. The flowers are also very tasty and will have a more mature taste to them. Wonderfull to use in cooking seafood. The stems can also be used and are edible. Might be a bit tough to eat as they are but used in a stew or a stock then they are perfect. There is not part of the dill plant that is not edible, they just have different uses.

I don’t want to finish this article without inducing some tips on how you can get even more dill from your plants. Make sure you keep it in the sun for at least 8 hours if it’s outside. Never let the soil dry up and keep it instead moist or damp. This will greatly benefit your dill. But another important factor for a healthy dill is the technique you use when cutting it. You only want to cut stems where new growth is coming out. Removing the larger stem will give the necessary room for the new ones to come forth.

I want to reiterate again on what the things were that you could use dill stalks for. The best one we have found is in soups or broths. It provides wonderful aromatic flavors and lets you use the whole plant. Wait for the flowers as well, those are also a very nice treat to use.

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Dill Stems Laying Indoors