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Welcome to this post about how you can harvest dill grown in a container. It really is no different to if you are growing it on freeland or in a pot. You might just have to apply a few different techniques and the quantities will obviously be lesser.

In this article we will also include some useful tips for getting the dill to grow back faster and therefore providing more harvest during the year. This is mostly about where you should keep the plant and how you need to look after the soil.

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How Do You Harvest Dill In A Container

Harvesting dill grown in a container wont differ a whole lot compared to just growing it on freeland. But you might want to be a bit more careful with the amounts you are harvesting. This is because the space of the plant is limited and so is the nutrition has access to. We recommend that you never harvest more than 30 % of the plant in one go. Doing more than that can cause a lot of stress on the plant and eventually you won’t have a dill growing at home anymore.

One of the best techniques and one of the most common ones when harvesting is taking cuttings where new growth is coming out. Since dill grows a little bit different than other herbs. It’s more of a stalk where the new growth emerges, the same technique applies. This way whenever you cut off one stem you will have two new ones coming out as they usually grow in pairs. Keeping this technique up you will soon have a whole lot of dill to take care of at home.

We also don’t want to exclude our recommendation of moving your dill to a pot instead of growing it in a container. This will give it more room to expand its root system. It will pay off with time as you will get more and more harvest the further along the season you come.

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How Do You Harvest Dill Without Killing The Plant?

Harvesting dill without killing the plant comes down to making sure you’re never cutting away too much at a time. We follow the rule of no more than 30 % at a time. But it’s important that you let it grow back after you have harvested. Otherwise the dill plant will just start getting smaller and smaller with time. Following this advice will make sure you don’t kill the dill plant when harvesting from it.

Another important thing about getting more from your dill is where you choose to place it. It should not be kept where the sun won’t reach it. A lot of articles are talking about growing dill under UV light but that just won’t produce the same quality. It will taste a lot more if it can get proper sunlight during the day. Since you are growing it indoors and in a container you will want to aim for it to get about 10 hours of light every single day.

So reiterate again on what we have been talking about in this article. The best way to harvest dill that is growing in a container is by cutting stalks where new growth is coming out. This will ensure you have a healthy plant that will keep preceding.

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