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Welcome to this article about whether dill likes a dry or a wet soil to grow in. The short answers are a bit in between. Its best description on how the soil should be is damp. If it’s too dry then the plant will struggle too much and it won’t promote growth. It its too wet then it will cause the roots to rot after a while.

That certainly won’t either promote growth. So a nice middle of the road approach is the best. In this article we will discuss further upon what the best conditions are and when to water and how to keep the soil healthy too.

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Dill Plant Growing In The Sun

Does Dill Like Dry Or Wet Soil

Like we said in the beginning of this article. Dill is a herb that grows the best when the soil is kept rather damp. Then it won’t have to struggle for nutrition and continue growing. But it also won’t run into the problem of having its roots start to rot. But going a bit over on each side of the spectrum will not have a huge impact. Usually you can balance it back again. What is important is not letting it go on for too long, that’s when it can become an issue for the plant.

The examples we gave for the condition of the soil really goes for whether you are growing it in a pot or on freeland. The easiest way of managing the soil is growing it in a pot. Then you have a much easier time taking the plant out and changing the soil if you so wish. It also goes a lot faster for the water to drain out of the soil.

That’s why we recommend using pots with holes in the bottom. This way in case you ever overwater the plant all the excess can drain out if it’s not too compact. Then you can discard all the excess water that came out. 

Dry Dill Seeds Laying Indoors

Does Dill Need Wet Or Dry Soil?

Dill needs wet soil to really grow a lot. It will keep the roots in a healthy state of continuingly expanding. But if you are looking for a more concentrated dill flavor then having it slightly drier will provide that. The lack of water goes hand in hand with more flavourful dill. But having too dry soil will make it more vulnerable and might not last as long.

We said we were also gonna cover how you can improve the health of the soil. We have found that the best way to do this is by using fertilizers. This can either be the ones you can buy in the store or manure. Manure being the most effective by a pretty long shot.

At Least for the long term outlook of the soil. Nothing wrong with fertilizers from the store, it’s more that if you have the option to choose then manure will win out. But it does smell a lot so you should definitely not use it if you think that will be a problem. What these fertilizers will do with the soil is increas the beneficial bacterias that live in there.

I want to reiterate again on the question that we started this article with. Dill really likes a soil that is kept rather damp. Where it doesn’t dry out anytime at all making it stress for nutrition. Keeping the soil healthy by adding beneficial bacterias is also an important part of gardening that you need to master.

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Dill Plant Growing In The Garden