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Welcome to this post that will be talking about how you could be growing some peach trees in Ontario. The weather might be very cold here but using some basic techniques and methods in gardening might just make it possible to have a peach tree here.

The temperature where the peach tree is growing needs to be very warm to make sure that the fruits aren’t damaged and the flowers that come forth during spring aren’t harmed by late frost or low temperatures.

In Ontario, their conditions are met and the peach tree is able to survive. Follow along in this article here and we will together learn even more about the wonderful and beginner-friendly fruit tree that is the peach.

Peaches Laying Outside

Growing Peaches In Ontario

Like we said in the beginning of the article here, we said that the temperature of the area that you are growing in has to match what the peach trees need. That means it can’t be too cold as that will make it very difficult for the tree to have the flowers sprout and survive the spring. 

If there is late frost then they might be damaged and no fruits will be able to grow as the flowers were not pollinated. This means we want to reserve the most south-facing spot for the peach tree as this is where most of the sun will be during the day.

If you are starting from the beginning and planting a peach seed then you need to ensure the soil is well draining. This means it can be pooling water and the excess water needs a place where it can escape. Having a small hole at the bottom of a pot will cover this issue. 

After you have done that, then place the pot in the sunniest window you have at home and just let it be. It will eventually start to sprout as the seed is germinated. This process takes a lot longer usually with fruit trees, however. So don’t be discouraged if you don’t see progress within the first few months.

After about a year the tree might very well be ready to go outside. You can repot it into a larger pot and keep it like this for another year. But planting it on freeland is also a great option. Like we said before, pick the sunniest spot and make sure that the soil is not drying out too much.

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How Do You Care For A Peach Tree In Ontario

Caring for a peach tree if the climate is moderate, just like in Ontario really isn’t that difficult. The main thing i want to make sure is covered is that it gets enough sun during the day. But also keeping the soil healthy and well watered are things to care for as well.

We find that the most south-facing spot you have will be fitting for the peach tree to stay in. That way we can maximize the amount of sun the plant is getting, and therefore also ensure the temperature doesn’t get too low for the plant. Depending on the weather, however, during the winter, it might be worth bringing the entire tree indoors to not harm it. Then you will need to prune it to keep the growth in check.

Another thing we mentioned was making sure the soil is healthy and well watered. Using manure is often the best option but organic fertilizers from the store are also an option. This boosts the beneficial bacteria in the soil and helps the tree grow faster and steadier.

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Peaches Grown In Ontario

Can Peach Trees Grow In Toronto

Growing peaches in Toronto will be more challenging as the weather here is colder. We therefore actually don’t recommend trying it here, unless you have the option of keeping a rather large peach tree indoors, about 4 – 5 feet at least.

That way you can let it grow indoors all year long. Maybe keeping it outdoors during the summer though. Using the methods we laid out before in this article will help you greatly in caring for your plant and perhaps even be able to harvest some fruit eventually.

Peaches Laying Indoors