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Welcome to this post that will talk about how long the cuttings from the succulent plant can last after being cut off. The general guideline is a maximum of two weeks. But even that is pushing it a bit.

Taking cuttings from the succulent plant is a pretty hard task as you will also need a good plan of what to do with them straight afterward. Since they are exposed to air they will start to go bad rather quickly. 

Follow along and we will also talk about some great ways to take the cuttings but also reserve them and get the most out of them.

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How Long Can Succulent Cuttings Survive

We just mentioned it in the beginning but the time that the cuttings will last is about 2 weeks at the maximum. All cuttings that you take, from whatever that plant might be, will be vulnerable as soon as they are cut off.

You will need to have a plan before taking the cutting as the time between cutting and then rooting them is vital. Prepare a pot with some cactus soil and just lightly water the surface. Then you can take the cutting and place it in the soil. Let some of it be placed under the surface of the soil.

You might think that it’s a good idea to propagate the cuttings in water, which is something you can do with a lot of other plants. The succulent plant is very vulnerable when it comes to water, too much will have a very bad effect on the plant. 

So instead go with the suggestion we had before of keeping it directly in the soil after you have taken the cuttings. 

After you have placed the cuttings in the soil then the best thing to do is just leave the plant as it is. It won’t be any good to the plant if you keep pruning it or watering it. Instead, just leave it in a sunny place where it can really indulge in all the sun during the day.

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How Long Can Succulent Cuttings Live Without Soil

We have already talked about how long a succulent plant will last without being planted in the segment above, but to be more precise, about 2 weeks is the maximum length.

The best way to keep the cuttings after you have taken them is in a small container with no lid and a wet paper towel for them to lay on.

Let them sit in the fridge and they will probably stay good for those two weeks. But note that the chance that you can root and propagate the cuttings will go down for every day that passes.

You might think that propagating or keeping the succulent cuttings in water will make them stay viable for at least 2 weeks or even longer. But the case with succulents is that the plant will struggle a lot with staying good as it’s vulnerable to too much water.

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How Do You Preserve Succulent Cuttings

Preserving a succulent cutting is a pretty hard task as it will be vulnerable to pretty much everything. The plant is normally a very easy-to-grow variety that will quickly establish itself and slowly and steadily grow during the season.

But once you have cut and exposed the surface to air then the risk of pests and diseases will have the chance to inflict the cutting. That’s something that quickly can make the cutting go bad and plating it will not be worth it. 

If you don’t have the time to plant the cutting the same day then lay the cuttings on kitchen paper in a cool and dark place. Make sure the cut surface isn’t in direct contact with the paper towel.

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